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  1. Parts on the craft that are using Waterfall are From Restock and Blueshift, Specifically the Warp Ring and The Nuclear engine. Modlist: B9 Aerospace + Legacy Parallax + Stock Config KSPIE WBI BlueShift Restock + Waterfall Config Kopernicus (Bleeding Edge) + Galaxies Unbound EVE + AVP + GU Config Scatterer StationPartsExpansionRedux Singularity ModuleManagerWatchDog SmokeScreen Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O9YAonmdZ6D9deDllMAp9GPm56kk_zVV/view?usp=sharing Edit: I went ahead and tested it ingame, when
  2. Heya, Recently I've been having a rather odd issue where it appears like there is a part in the skybox while console is being spammed with "[Waterfall][ModuleWaterfallFX] Couldn't SetControllerValue for id"; It seems like it only happens after I reload a quicksave or switch vessel. Figured I should post this bug report here seeing as it seems to be an issue with waterfall itself.
  3. I've been having a similar issue, Seems to only happen when you power on the drive before its actually been triggered via staging. Here's the debug info
  4. Out of Curiosity, Would it be possible to control the effect to a degree?
  5. I'd like some sort of re-usability mechanics, A la Falcon 9. Other than that; everything they've shown has got me excited. I've always wanted a colony system that you could build from raw materials and not lug around inflatable habitats.
  6. These remind me of the SpaceX iva suits. Out of curiosity will we ever be able to remove the parachute on the suits? Its odd having Kerbals EVAing in space while still wearing the parachute.
  7. It was a good idea keeping this under wraps, I remember waiting ages for Making History to come out. Gonna get it once it comes out most likely.
  8. I know its a bit early to ask this, but can we get EVE/Scatterer Configs for this?
  9. Sorry if this has been asked already, But what mod does the parts used in the Estonian Pathfinder come from?
  10. I'm pretty sure that as long as the stock system isn't modified too much, your saves should be fine. So yes, this (Probably!) wont mess up your save.
  11. I feel like this mod goes well with Planet packs, OPT, and *insert popular interplanetary and interstellar part mod here*. Something about going to a distant world and setting up a temporary colony is just really interesting. Can't wait to muck around with the sandcastle parts!
  12. I've done that, though I did put the V2 general pad parts in the MLP folder (KSP_win64\GameData\ModularLaunchPads\v2_General_Pads)
  13. Not sure if i'm installing correctly, But I haven't been able to get the V2 launchpad parts to show up. Was Hoping to mess with the Rotating service structure and the Stationary service structure
  14. Eh, Im pretty sure you could easily make a Starship hopper in the stock game and Tweakscale
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