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  1. Congrats on release! I'm eager to play this; If my computer approves of at least the cloud's (though the fact that this runs better than stock gives me high hopes on being able to run this on max settings)
  2. Sky The Heck

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    Been following this mod for a while now, I think I might abandon the stock system after this comes out due to the pure fact that this looks stellar! (pun intended)
  3. This looks pretty neat! Looks a lot better than my launch towers, thats for sure. Cant wait to try it out for myself
  4. Sky The Heck


    Ello! I've been lurking on the forums for a while now, I know a few things on ksp, Funnily enough Despite having this game since the pre 0.90 days, I've only just managed to make a plane fly plus how to fly to the mun, but I mainly use mechjeb for rendevous and other advanced tasks.