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  1. Welp, I just spent a good few hours fixing the stock clouds thing by manually editing the mod and here i am is fixed
  2. Will the stock overhaul be optional? I want to keep the stock system so I dont have to start a new save to play with Galaxies Unbound
  3. Its confirmed, Galaxies Unbound is releasing soon! This is an awesome screenshot, Blalo has always been my favorite planet!
  4. The screenshots look incredible, so much better than KSS! I cant wait for this to come out and I hope it runs smoothly on my computer
  5. That is an awesome ship and the planet below looks amazing as well!
  6. Do you have a release date? I loved KSS and I am absolutely hyped for this!
  7. I am trying to make planets for KSP with kopernicus, but where do I put my planet files? Do I just make a new folder in the gamedata folder and put them in there along with my textures?

    1. The White Guardian

      The White Guardian

      Hi! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I've been too busy as of recently to visit the forums as much as I would've liked.

      Anyhow, nail on the head! Inside GameData, create a subdirectory (can be any name) in which you plan to store all of your mod's files. That way, any potential user only has to drag-and-drop this specific folder from a downloaded archive into their instance of GameData for everything to run smoothly, besides the fact that it keeps everything nicely organized of course.

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