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  1. FoxTrotGaming76

    KSP Updates And Your Opinions

    When is the 1.4 update coming to console? We've been waiting for a month now and I would atleast like to know when it may come out. I'm happy to wait for this update because it loka cool, but I want to know a time frame, thanks.
  2. FoxTrotGaming76

    Part ideas for KSP

    yes, see that would be cool, lots of custom and better build ideas.
  3. FoxTrotGaming76

    First person with EVA'd kerbals

    Welp. I can't get mods, I'm on console...
  4. For parts, I would say, bearings and hydraulic systems. For all sizes.
  5. Yeah. I like this. Something else that would be cool is season on planets with atmospheres.
  6. Don't you think it would be cool if you could repair your space station in first person? I really want to see first person while EVA'd.
  7. FoxTrotGaming76

    Part ideas for KSP

    They should add a hydraulics system for elevators or something like that
  8. FoxTrotGaming76

    Part ideas for KSP

    Ok. Oops I didn't know that
  9. We should come up with ideas for parts that the KSP Devs could add in the future, also I'm on console so if there already in the game, oops. One that I have right now, is a bearing part for helicopters, or propeller planes, or a space station that spins
  10. It definitely would help players and for orbiting kerbin, I can do that. It's missions to duna, or even mun that you need to see what your Delta V is.
  11. Also, on console the belta V is MANDATORY to do anything. We need it. Thanks
  12. When can I be expecting this update..., I love this game and love that the developers are giving us console players some love, thanks