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  1. My PC cant really handle that kind of mods, thus I only use EVE with the base config. SVE was manageable but it glitches the hell out of my skybox and it was gettig on my nerves. I like how base configs make the other planets beautiful but I want the Laythe-like clouds on Kerbin since it has a bit more. Are there really no any work arounds? Edit: when I say it glitches the skybox, it is because the SVE mod makes the whole skybox white (can only be fixed with restarting the game,no F5s and F9s) and messes with the scatterer atmosphere.
  2. Is there anyway to make the clouds more thicker? I really find them a bit lacking.
  3. @panzer1b the planets’ colors feels too unsaturated, any fix or tips? I have this and scatterer installed.
  4. Does this mod still work on 1.4.2? my last installs made some pistons that are mounted vertically to extend horizontally. Thats why I uninstalled, is the issue fixed? Im trying to make something that will actually refuel a Falcon9 and not just by pressing Recover.
  5. Is the ability to resize some parts with TweakScale removed? I have seen some code for TweakScale scaling yet there are no bar to resize the part when in in-game editors. I was used to resize this parts because I find them a tad bit small.