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  1. Sadly, TWG has left the modding community since 1.7. There are no recent planet mods made by him since he went into developing KS3P even further back. If you want suggestions regardless, I highly recommend Beyond Kerbin, which is a nice overhaul of the stock system!
  2. This mod has been dead for, from a glance, four years. It is most definitely incompatible with any latest version of KSP, plus it is heavily outdated and TWG has improved his planet modding skills far beyond this one.
  4. Holy crud, this is amazing. So much has changed in the Kopernicus scene since I was gone...
  5. The Engineers at Hypernova industries have claimed that the Mighty Lawn Dart, a recent SSTO that is capable of getting kerbals into a close flyby of the Mun (an achievement that has never been performed before in kerbal history) will be ready to launch by this saturday. This craft will be launched into orbit where it will detach, the first booster stage will then fly down and attempt to land using the brain of an ant, whilst the second stage piloted by Jebediah Kerman (Kraken save Bob who is taking this historic flight with him) will be be sent off into a close flyby of the Mun, some of the engineers are debating on adding some more fuel tanks to the 2nd stage so that they could land on the Mun, rather than fly by it. However, most scientists, including the board, believe that the mission should be postponed till we figure out how to slap some metal wires between rocket parts to stabilize it, a technology that has been stated to only be in the realms of imagination.
  6. Ya know, I need to upgrade my computer... I can easily* build craft capable of delivering 100 KT to orbit, but my computer cannot handle it... BUT APPARENTLY OTHER PEOPLE CAN HANDLE CRAFT THAT BIG. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG * May be subject to 3 test flights for stability.
  7. This challenge is very simplistic and is reminiscent of ones that new forum users would post. Despite the fact this post should be removed for lack of rules and guidelines, I do have a couple craft to share.
  8. It only takes roughly 10+ hours for a KSP player to gain the skills necessary to land on the Mun. This challenge is not a challenge at all sadly.
  9. A ringworld Joke, there are two massive oval oceans adjacent to each other on the ring. They serve as weight stabilizers. Might I add that both of them are probably (from estimation) are half a million Earths in surface area.
  10. Kerulum Is not a faint dot with nothing to work with anymore... https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/167549-130-131-ringworld-010/
  11. Mind you, my craft were probes. The real reason I want Karkua to go is because it ruined my playthrough with a flood of 12 million funds.
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