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  1. Both the reactors and the fusion rockets work in a similar manner. Currently the only fusion mode for the reactors is Helium3/Deuterium. I've created a new resource called ""Helium Plasma" that the reactors create when activated. The plasma then can be routed to either the engines or power converters. Helium-3 is commonly available in the atmospheres of gas giants. Therefore this pack will have scoops to gather the helium. Deuterium(Heavy Water) is created by gathering water and separating it with a standalone converter that will be made.
  2. Cross-Fire Fusion Reactor "MEGALODON" Magneto-Inertial Fusion Reactor "Taranos" Tower of Fusion
  3. ICFR-8320 "HELIOS" Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactor I've made a more "realistic" converter method for the ICFRs so that powering engines becomes less efficient therefore more balanced.
  4. There's no real option to do that other than changing configuration files. I'd just recommend clipping some HP tanks in the OPT hull.
  5. I'll make sure to add these suggestions to the pack's To-Do list! Legs are being made as we speak! The plan is to have many types of legs that the starship prototypes use and probably even new designs.
  6. "Travel to Kerbol system bodies in style!" - Stephen Kerbon Jr. (C.E.D.A Technologies Chief Engineer of ITS) This modpack consists of parts that allow you to build vessels that are well suited to explore Kerbol planets with ease. What are you waiting for?! It's recommended to install KRE (Kerbal Reusability Expansion) mod to fully experience the pack. Dependencies (Bundled): Downloads: GitHub - https://github.com/KerboNerd/ITS-Aethon SpaceDock - https://spacedock.info/mod/2427/[1.9.x] C.E.D.A "Aethon" Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) If you have any suggestions for parts to add to this pack, shoot a comment! In the case of a bug, please use the "Issues" tab on the pack's GitHub page. https://github.com/KerboNerd/ITS-Aethon/issues ! ATTENTION ! This is NOT a SpaceX Starship ripoff!
  7. The drive's stats are made relative to Rocie's stats on the fandom site.
  8. Doing some testing of a new adapter. Just started making adapters to 5m cylinders.
  9. Presents On this topic i will try to post all the parts i'm working on for FTD. Feel free to give feedback. Any appreciated. So let's begin... Main idea: Creation of the series "The Expanse" inspired parts. That means: Famous military frigate "Rocinante" parts Mega Station parts Various Fusion Torch Drives (Epstein drives) Other well known ship parts like the Truman-class, Donnager-class etc. Structural parts that you'll be able to use to make utilitarian ships look industrial (tanks with trusses) Sleek ship parts to make yachts Creation of other, heavily Sci Fi inspired parts. Freight containers Reactors or many kinds Structural parts Possible help: My dream goal for KSP is to gather a team of creative KSP veterans that have a special place in their hearts for Sci Fi. To come up with ideas and solutions for creating an awesome universe of toys that, in the end, can make an awesome universe of possibilities. This way the transition to KSP2 would be perfect. Since KSP2 very much emphasizes Sci Fi and interstellar travel tech, all the stuff we'd make for KSP1 could be easily ported to KSP2 with ease and we'd have a "head start" of sorts. Of course my coming up with C.E.D.A has nothing to do with all this. Well actually it kind of does. C.E.D.A is my first official step in KSP "Roleplay" if you can call it that. That doesn't mean you'd have to specifically "work" under C.E.D.A. It's just fictive. The team's name can be whatever, and i would be in no place a leader or a "slave master" as i've heard stuff like that happening. I'm just fascinated with this idea of a Sci Fi nerd team that could Sci KSP the Fi up! I hope all this doesn't make a weird picture. If you think you're up for the task, throw a comment! I'll invite you to C.E.D.A's discord and from there we can start the ventures of KSP SciFi-ification!
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