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  1. The glorious Class 47 Ekranoplan Created by the glorious Soviet military (not to worry, plane is demilitarized) Each of these Perfect soviet Ekranoplans costs only 139 684 000 funds! if you are worried about plane, you should not worry, it can also be classified as flying boat, with a range of ~500 KM (we are not mentioning the deviatins in the kilometres, or how the glorious plane dips nose down later in flight, are we?). Ekranoplan flies at 166 M/S with a fuel consumption of Zero decimal Seven-Three kallons per second, and holds 2960 kallons of fuel. Each ekranoplan holds 72 of the greatest passengers you will ever fly with (if they are interrupted, just call the captain, he will deal with noise), therefore, it is low capacity plane. Though plane can only hold passengers, you can modify it to your own whim if you want cargo, it is dangerous if you do. plane takes off at ~80 Metres per second. you can also land in water and take off at 90 Metres a second. You get one here: https://kerbalx.com/MR_somebody/Class-47-Ekranoplan (make sure you fly beautiful plane at 5-20 Metres, we have had horrible crash at above that levels) Action groupings: 1 toggles engines on and off 2 toggles thrust reverse, though you wont need
  2. Test Pilot Review: @l0kki 's PTSLRA another happy landing (taken from a photo from the second test flight) (sorry for the late review, should have done this earlier) Figures as Tested: Price: 37 935 000 Fuel: 3250 kallons Cruising speed: 240 m/s Cruising altitude: 6.5 KM Fuel burn rate: 0.43 kal/s Passengers Carried: 24 as tested Range: ~4300km The test pilots at the KSC were quite confused at the placement of the cabins, above the cockpit, because how in the world would the kerbals get up there? (and why are the engines so damn high up??) nevertheless, we managed to squeeze into the cabins, which were comfortable after the squeezening. Though i have to say, the angle that the plane sits on the aircraft is quite, strange. takeoff speed was ~50 M/S as stated, and because our test pilot was slightly incompetent, we had to raise the STOL engine manually. takeoff was smooth, the elevators are quite powerful with lifting force, but roll, that is the difficult thing to make not bash the heads of out kerbal testers against the roof, which proves to be difficult. in the midst of flight, a bird managed to flap its way into the right engine, but luckily, due to the engine placement, the plane didn't yaw as hard as the pilot thought it would, so the pilot thought he was seeing things (and hearing). when we descended to ~5 KM up, we saw our first problem, the plane wanted to roll even more now then ever, thought it was controllable. we glided down to the abandoned runway, and started standard emergency landing protocol, that's when the second catastrophe happened, the plane ballooned, and bounced when we tried to land, the aerobrakes were out and the reverse thrust was active, the plane started to yaw heavily to the left side and it went to the hills, where it bumped into the ground and destroyed the FTAE engine, everything else was fine, however, the plane was past the end of the runway, which was probably due to the panic form the pilot and the short length of the abandoned runway. More testing went on, we even 'landed' it on an aircraft carrier, the water landing went extremely smoothly, no damage to anything, though it could only reach 20 M/S in the water and could not take off. After the disastrous first test, we decided to test the bird again, without the incompetent pilot, the test went smoothly, the pilot managed not to bash the heads of the kerbals inwards, we were testing out gliding, when we realized we were too low to the ground, there was an extremely convenient aircraft carrier nearby, and we somehow managed to contact it and asked them if we could land, we were so polite, they let us land. we did standard protocol, but the short runway of 210 M proved to be too short, and we almost tipped off the edge, were it not for the fact that the engines were mounted about the wing, we would have crashed into the water. thank you for adding those airbrakes The Verdict: The PTSLRA is an alright airliner for what it is, though proving to be harder to maintain due to the tail-dragging gear and the high mounted engines, its increased survivability (see back to the second test), proves to be an amazing feature, being able to 'land' on aircraft carriers, is a great feature if that countries military doesn't mind passenger planes landing on their carriers. The bottom mounted engine is a nice speed boost, but when landing, it can be destroyed really easily (see back to the first test). Though head bashing is a problem for inexperienced pilots, it can be controlled, though some argued, democracy proved to work, expect us to buy 6.
  3. Test Pilot Review: @Maxorin's BoWing model 727 medium regional Trijet Figures as Tested: 727 passenger 336,224,000 fuel: 8360 kallons cruising speed: 170 M/S Cruising altitude: 4.5 KM 0.96 KaL/s Range ~1.5 KM Figures as Tested: 727F 336,224,000 fuel: 8360 kallons cruising speed: 170 M/S Cruising altitude: 4.5 KM 0.96 KaL/s Range ~1.5 KM Review Notes: The 727 is almost perfect in terms of takeoff speed, acceleration, pitch roll and yaw authority, exactly what you want in a passenger airliner jet, not too fast, not to much roll authority, the triple slotted Fowler flaps help with that, though not as fast for deploying and undeploying as I would like. on par with any BoWing lane, this thing is a sturdy beast of a plane, able to take some rough landings, and water landings. the engines are also in a pretty good location, all together means that maintenance can easily reach them all, and if an engine goes out, they aren't so far spaced that the plane starts to spin. passengers in an emergency can easily go out, and it has two exits / entrances for ease of getting out and in. landing gear is as sturdy as it should be. all around, a good plane. the passenger count is above average, and it flies smoothly. The Verdict: the plane is a little pricey for what it is, not that they go into combat, it just seems a little high. The range is average, which is always good, but for that price? Perhaps it should be able to go a little further.but If the pilot forgets about the low stall speed on the ground, the results can be disastrous, nevertheless, should not be a problem for someone who knows how these work. It is a beautiful aircraft, extremely appealing, and it flies amazingly, as well. The triple engine design is somewhat unconventional, but nice to see. the engines are somewhat high up, but that is no problem, because all the engines are close together. The model 727 is very smooth to fly, the triple-slotted Fowler flap is costly to maintain, though. I would buy probably about 3 at the start, because they are quite expensive, see if customers like it, because of all the reasons that they should (I.E, the comfort, and the relative noiseless ride) and 7 more if they do, the plane flies well if an engine cuts out, it glides well, and can land in the ocean if you are careful enough. The freighter variant is also useful in its own ways. p.s, im sorry if this is somewhat bad of a review, its my first time, so please dont to too harsh
  4. i know i only started this, but it is a WIP for now, a complete stock, no DLC AT-ST from Star Wars : the Empire Strikes Back (and ROTJ), i want to complete it a little after the DLC comes out, and the AT-AT as well.
  5. Contract No. #003 Generation WWII (???) MR_Somebody P-100 "electrifier" The P-100 "electrifier" was first rushed to the factory lines as a prototype with barely any testing after the bombing of pearl harbor, and it saw limited use, now, after WWII, it still has her prop engine and is now a proper aircraft with testing, but it is a little outdated now...(first used in WWII, now serving a little after WWII, but it was most used in WWII era) download: https://kerbalx.com/MR_somebody/P-100-electrifier
  6. Contract No.001 Generation 1(more like 0.5, but that isnt an option) MR_somebody The P-100 "electrifier" was first rushed to the factory lines as a prototype with barely any testing after the bombing of pearl harbor, and it saw limited use, now, after WWII, it still has her prop engine and is now a proper aircraft with testing, but it is a little outdated now... it CAN hold weapons, but i didnt add them because they made it very unmanuverable and look worse though you get infinite fuel because of the fact that it uses electricity, to use, switch to the prop and hold ALT+E for a bit(until it gets a constant velocity) https://kerbalx.com/MR_somebody/P-100-electrifier is the link to the craft download, enjoy!
  7. contract no. 007 generation 5 MR_somebody F-79 "Kapios" though able to stall realitivly easily by banking/turning hard, it is maneuverable to a degree, it also has an afterburner. It doesn't have any weapons yet, but that is because of part count and my PC. and the download: https://kerbalx.com/MR_somebody/F-79-Kapios
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