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  1. I understand now and i had CKAN on 1.7.3 but i found it after restarting my pc.
  2. Why don't you have all the needed mods in the RO instead of having it separate? Also i can't find it on CKAN, only RO craft files.
  3. Hey, i have a little problem with this mod... My Falcon 9 Core can't decouple without exploding the Vacuum engine, Sepefghjuikigh- The tiny solid fuel engine doesn't work. I added more and nothing and TWR is too low for the Vacuum.
  4. For some reason i have alot of problems with KSP most of them are done but some are not. 1. The glass on the helmet is blue or purple (I'm colorblind btw so i might be wrong with the color.) i first thought because i downloaded some suits and they didn't work so i uninstalled it and nothing happened. The other suit is normal. I might have more but ill just leave this until i find something else.
  5. I have the Making History DLC and the 5m Fairing is the normal one is this a bug or you don't want to? But still It's the best mod i have ever seen! flip the DLC, this makes parts make really good looking.
  6. What happends when i launch ksp with launchers pack and rss?
  7. What about the reentry burn? and will it even survive reentry?
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