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  1. Is there a guide anywhere on using the terrain editor? I would like to know how to make flats like on minimus so i flew to minmus landed near the edge and I've been playing around with it but I'm not having much luck. I've figured out how to get spikes of various sizes and shapes but nothing that looks like useable terrain.
  2. Still no maneuver widget while editing a node in flight.... can't i just have my lil click button for fine adjustments it's so much easier to fine tune an orbit...
  3. The mun launch pad was a solution to console players begging for a way to hyper edit their giant stations out of atmosphere cause the moar boosters approach kept crashing the game. And as for the maneuver mode update you brought part of it you can call me when you finish putting the rest of the editing widget in. O and while your in there ALL THE SLIDERS NEED TYPE INPUT BOXES EVEN THE ONES IN ROBOTICS.
  4. Sooooo does the graphical part of the editor not show up cause of a bug? Isn't there supposed to be another tab there....(i looked on pc to be sure it's there)
  5. Any word on if/when enhanced edition will get the 1.7 maneuver node update that you just skipped in our "considerable amount of free content." You didn't exactly word that correctly what you should of said was we charged you the same amount as pc but didn't give you all the content they got.
  6. Really bummed that your not including maneuver node even tho it was added before breaking ground..... I've been waiting for those read outs so i don't have to jump back and forth between map and ship view during launch. At least I'll be able to over engineer the delta v on a ship to counteract the inefficient maneuvers I'll be planning with the old system
  7. I didn't see a mention of the maneuver node update please tell me that wonderful little adjustment tool didn't get left on the cutting room floor
  8. The link to this forum was not on any of the YouTube video or other social media accounts... will the new shrouds and fan blades be included since they were added very soon after breaking ground was put out.
  9. How about putting delta v and maneuver updates on console so we can actually play the game. It's not even the parts ive gotten so used to using the deltav readout and the maneuver node adjuster on the pc that playing on console now just sucks
  10. I can confirm that this method will work. Can't tell you how excited i am that this is still a possibility. So just to clarify you must save the game on the pad or runway before you activate cheats then you can test your craft and load your on the pad/ runway save to reactivate achievements. Thanks for the idea can't believe i didn't think of it
  11. That's an excellent theory I'll try it when i get home
  12. You could revert to launch or the hangar and it would go back to a point before the cheat menu was active. Cause you activated it after launch it didn't count if you revert to launch. I just don't understand how it could have been abused to a point that they felt like it needed to be removed. Like i almost don't want to play because i got so used to building things in this manner that i don't want to just cobble something that i think will get there together only to find out im just shy of the delta v i needed
  13. Do not open the cheat menu on the console edition on a good save it is now permanent and will continue to block achievements even if you revert to launch. I just don't want someone to screw up their save file because this was how i was testing different stages of the rocket without having to completely rebuild it in another save. I could load the lander set its orbit around whatever planet and make sure it could land and get back to orbit. then i could revert to launch which was before the cheat menu was activated turning achievements back on, and build a stage that could get it there, stop it
  14. Thank you so much i made an account just to tell you thank you that's how excited i am for this update
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