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  1. Hi, Have you tried to modify the name of model to use, as alexustas said? @Mogoloko You should also add all this stuff to the config of the Pod, but not only change the name of the INTERNAL Reveal hidden contents or you can take the config from this post and replace "mk1-3pod " to "mk1pod_v2"
  2. Yes! Last option in the MFD does it! (Crew EVA). Thank you!
  3. Hi (one more time, sorry), I'm enjoying a lot this morning. It's awesome. But I have a doubt. I've decided to start a new hardcore game: IVA Only, life support, etc. Is there a button (or hotkey) to start an EVA from IVA? I've tried to click in the hatch with no results. Due to an option that i've activate in another mod ('force IVA' in Through the eyes of a Kerbal) I can't go outside the rocket and start an EVA from there. I have also tried to install a mod called (quick IVA) that in theory create a hotkey to go to EVA, but I doesn't seem to work. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi again! I have a question about a button in IVA. It's the "EPG" button. It reloads the power of the aircraft. Is it legal? I mean, is there a way to do that in "vanilla"? If not, has it any cost, or is it free (like a little cheat to get electricity)? Thanks!
  5. Great! It's working now. Thank you!
  6. Yes, Only 1 star. Anyway, I do can change to prograde/retrograde/stability from mapView. There are more buttons that don't work (thrust limit, for example) Thx again!
  7. Hi, I'm having problems with my IVA. There're som burrons that doesn't have any effect. For example: "prograde button": Images My basic mods are: RPM 0.30.6 ASET 1.5.0 'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET ModuleManager 3.1.3 I downloaded everything and change a line in GameData\Squad\Parts\Command\mk1pod_v2\mk1Pod_v2.cfg: INTERNAL { // name = mk1pod_IVA name = MK1-2_ASETInternals } Should i do something more? Edit: BTW, i've also tested with an older version of RPM (0.32) and same result Thank you in advance