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  1. I've never experienced this bug with PRE since 1.3.1 or thereabouts, but anytime I try to launch a craft and PRE is enabled, my game immediately freezes. If I disable PRE in the settings config, everything works fine, until I activate PRE in the flight screen, then it freezes again. KSP 1.8.1 PRE 1.17 I verified my files through steam and even though PRE is the only mod I have installed, it persists.
  2. Can't wait to try this out in my 3.2x scale game. I also use Orital Decay so I'm wondering if someone knows what the outcome of the two together will be? I'm willing to test it but was wondering if anyone has experience with the two yet. v1.7.1
  3. I have the same issue in 1.6.1 or 1.7.1 It seems to be related to launch clamps as well as autostrutted parts. I've yet to find a fix for it
  4. Looks like an awesome mod, i was wondering if it is compatible with FAR?
  5. If I might suggest a mod for the science update for 2.2, Probes Plus by Coatl Aerospace is one I've been wishing had Kerbalism compatibility
  6. Eureka! It would appear as though it's working. Thank you.
  7. Love this mod and the fact that it works with OPM. I've been trying to make it work for someone's RSS rescale, and I believe'd I had it figured out. However in the tracking station I don't have any UI in order to check the radiation belts..... Any idea what I might have missed?
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