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  1. I prophesy that it will be released at 3 to 4 pm CST.
  2. This module manager config does not work on 1.9.1 for stock engines. Engines all disappeared. Could you give me some advise on rewriting this module manager config for 1.9.1? Thanks very much!
  3. I have the same problem. I cannot load many of those prebuilt ships. The load button is not gray, but the load button just does not work.
  4. I think no need for that, because I only used your mods. I have found the engineer's reporting shows the length from the top of the parachutes to the ground instead of to the bottom of the parachutes, by dragging it in the VAB.
  5. A-RP1 Return Parachute has a height of 15.1 m, which would makes it useless in career mode at the beginning. Another funny thing, while I put 2 A-RP1 Return Parachute together, the height changes to 15.2 m; and if I remove one of them, the height comes back to 15.1 m. Anyhow, anyone has the same problem? Could anyone help me about this? I would be appreciate it! (I am not a English Native Speaker, please forgive my bad grammar.)
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