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  1. Once on its target orbit and activated, the tracking happens automatically in the background. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/SENTINEL_Infrared_Telescope
  2. Patch Notes v1.12.5 January 11, 2023 Patch Notes Change Log: =================================== v1.12.5 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added something... on Mun. Intriguing...
  3. Are you in solar orbit? I seem to remember that the contract orbit doesn't show up if your active vessel is not in orbit around the Sun.
  4. As already said, the log file would be useful. The only thing in your mod list that I know modifies the parachute is "Shaddy". It adds a translucent shader to parachutes (and other parts). It works for me, though.
  5. That error relates to a part from Tantares: TantaresSP/parts/core_ye8/ye8_solar_s1_1 As the problem with the version number was apparently fixed about a year ago, did you update all mods?
  6. Among some messages I don't recognize (haven't played on Linux for a while), I think this is the crash message: ArgumentException: Invalid version: v1.1.0.107 (2018-03-18) at KerbalChangelog.ChangelogVersion..ctor (System.String version, System.String cfgDirName) [0x0003a] in <3df0e8f79e4f4c60b17db000dc0cdeca>:0 So it looks like Kerbal Changelog crashes because it can't parse a version number. Removing it might fix your immediate problem. I don't see a in your mod list, though. Identifying the mod with the "invalid version" and reporting the crash in the Kerbal Changelog thread could help fix it for good.
  7. Yes and it can be a problem. Rover wheels in particular like to bounce a lot when their autostruts snap to a new heaviest part.
  8. Chatterer doesn't load properly because of an exception loading mods. It looks like a problem with Toolbar Control/Clickthrough Blocker or maybe Engine Light Relit. "Could not load file or assembly 'ToolbarControl, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies"
  9. Are those stock fairings or mod parts? Do you use TUFX? I see something similar with a few modded parts with TUFX installed. I vaguely remember reading a post about why this happens but can't find it, I'm afraid. The latest comment on the TUFX thread suggests that enabling HDR once triggers the problem in all profiles and to edit/recreate them.
  10. It actually does. You do need at least 25% (or 35%?) of the required power, though. A third NUK should bring your rover's power up to it. Edit: I didn't see your edit
  11. Looks like it works here. I use NFE but not System Heat if that makes any difference.
  12. DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\PDLauncher\GameData\KerbalKonstructs\MapDecalMaps\AllBlack.png". KSP looks for its files in the wrong directory. Did you try to bypass the launcher by setting the executable in Steam and not to a shortcut link?
  13. If you want to get creative, have a look at TURD. It allows recoloring of most parts (and comes with shiny presets, too). I'm not sure if it supports Restock, though. To see it in action, you could watch one of my favourite KSP streamers. He loves to Bob Ross all his creations.
  14. A screenshot of the EL window would be useful. Are the engineers in their workshop and have materials available?
  15. I had this happen when I inadvertently changed the trim controls. If it happens again, look for the trim indicators or try to reset them (Alt-X). [I totally forgot that trim indicators where a mod. Shouldhavebeenstock! ] Well, there was one time when I had a controller attached that fell behind the computer and gave odd random inputs. But those are all the usual causes I can think of.
  16. Pure visual mods like Scatterer, EVE and a visuals pack should be safe. Restock changes the dimensions of a few parts. Loading a craft with these parts in an unmodded KSP would work but look a bit weird. Anything that uses Kopernicus could possibly alter the terrain (although just changing terrain quality in stock KSP will do that, too). Loading a save file with landed vessels could place them below or above the surface.
  17. This is one of the cases where a broken mod breaks other mods The "BDArmory Weapons Extension" mod doesn't work in this version of KSP anymore and apparently was superseded by "Next Star Industries" (also available in CKAN, although that one only claims compatibility up to KSP 1.10). It's causing all sorts of errors, only one of them is that Chatterer doesn't load. Then there are some errors concerning "Firespitter". According to CKAN, it should be compatible but it looks like "Cormorant Aeronology 1.5.1" in your installation includes both another Firespitter DLL and an outdated version of ModuleManager. Bad form. That is very likely to break something. Its parts don't load either because of missing models. You also have several different versions of ModuleManager 4.x in your GameData directory plus another very old version in "ModuleManager-2.7.6". That is going to be trouble, too. Lots of missing textures, the BD Armory KSPedia files dont't seem to load and some more errors I'd say it's time to make a clean copy, use CKAN to use the mods that are available (and don't set the "compatible version" too low), then carefully add those that are not on CKAN.
  18. I suspect a botched installation of Scatterer: @EndAllFilms check the "scatterer" folder. There is stuff in there that doesn't belong there. It looks like you unpacked the whole source repository and not the release archive. I'd suggest to remove it, download the mod from spacedock and install it again.
  19. What happens instead then? Do you even see the Chatterer icon (green or red microphone) in the toolbar? If you upload your KSP.log somewhere and post a link, we possibly could say more. I don't remember having any problems with Chatterer. And welcome to KSP and the fun of modding.
  20. How much do you need? SSPXr appears to add Glykerol storage to all its cargo parts, ranging from small to massive.
  21. I interpret it to look like this: It only happens in my JNSQ install when I switch from a vessel back to the space center while the KSC is in the shadow. Warping to morning brings the sun up as expected. It didn't bother me enough to investigate further or play with settings. I don't have a base on Kerbin to test with but I don't see it on other planets or moons.
  22. I don't know much about Waterfall. What I see is that the template is called "Atomic" while the engine config refers to "waterfall-fusion". Try changing the latter to "Atomic", maybe. .cfg file names don't mean much, their content defines what is available.
  23. Mods or no mods? Unmodded, I use what 18Watt describes. Zoom in and look where the camera's center point is. With mods, MechJeb has an option to display CoM and other indicators in flight (in the "Attitude Adjustment" window). A mod to test CoM movement in the editor is Fill It Up:
  24. Well, welcome to modding KSP The best advice I can offer in this case is to start with a clean install, then add mods until it crashes so you could identify why Kopernicus freaks out. Or maybe ask over there:
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