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  1. I only saw the trailer this morning, and yes, I did notice it! I do think it's some kind of crater. I hope we'll be able to build submarines and dive down it!
  2. I've re-made my avatar and banner with Blender. :P

  3. Probably customise my Kerbal, if that's a thing! Actually, come to think of it... will it be? I'd love it if they sort of gave the Kerbalizer tool a return. I have never tried it personally, but I think it would still be quite a nice (and probably simple) thing to have stock in KSP 2.
  4. Thanks for the follow back! :)

  5. Thanks for the follow!

    Have one back! :)

  6. +1 for macOS. Yes, I really hope "we are always looking at ways to bring KSP to as many player as we can!" means that a macOS version is coming. Even if it's not at launch.
  7. Thanks so much for the follow back!

  8. LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman! Nice choice! Can I have a return ticket? If not, a 7-9 monthly pass would be ok too. Because that's when it releases, Spring 2020!!!!!!
  9. Thanks so much for the follow!

    Have one back. :)

  10. Those are some really great mods! Thanks so much for these!
  11. Awesome mod! Thanks! Question: Will you be updating it to support your other mod, Mk4 Spaceplane Parts? Thanks in advance!
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