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  1. Ha, yes, I have visited a couple of times, makes the Aussie accent sound a little dull by comparison!
  2. You have to remember that Scott Manley doesn't speak English, he hails from north of the border so speaks in a strange dialect
  3. I always pronounce it with a short sound such as "m-uh-n"
  4. Not sure if this has been said yet, but blockers for me would be; Only available on Steam (I avoid it like the plague). Taking itself too seriously as a space-sim, don't lose the frivolous humor. What I would love to see is; Methods to reduce part counts (weldable parts, etc. [which would also simplify refueling]) Easier management of input controllers (I use a 6DOF mouse but can't utilize it fully in KSP1)
  5. Or maybe it is simply to suppress the Kraken and make the World Stabilizer mod unnecessary. I have had sooo many problems with exploding bases, or bases sinking into the planet.
  6. Totally agree with this and I for one think it is bad, very bad. Kerbal ships should be Kludgy not Star Trekky, that is what we all love them for (and the explosions). The high techy-techy designs are fine but I would like to see alternative "Kerbalized" skinned versions, not quite as extreme as this mod but at least less "professional".
  7. Am I missing something here? Assuming you are launching from the default pad, all you need to do is wait a maximum of 3 hours (half a day) until your position on Kerbin matches the crossover point of Minmus's orbit then launch at either +6 or -6 degrees inclination. Even by eye I can get within about 0.5 degree of Minmus's orbit. After that you can go TMI any time you like.
  8. I think you'll find that some other people found it before him.
  9. I don't use Steam so no worries about being updated without my knowing. I am still running 1.8.1 but I have 1.9 set up in another folder to test when the mods I want will work. Currently Scatterer is way off, EVE looks suspicious and TCA is not displaying most of the interface, but otherwise about 60 mods going all the way back to 1.6 are running fine. Also, I copied a recent save game into the 1.9 folder to be sure it will work with my current Career. Seems to be fine.
  10. I can confirm it is Scatterer. EVE also has a different problem for me with black clouds. From the surface I had a black sky during daytime.
  11. Why is No.2 unrealistic? Who said I have 10 year old hardware? I have a 6 month old high spec notebook and an eGPU, but I play KSP1 at 4K on just about the highest available quality settings. If I can do that it KSP2, then fine. As for No.3 I am simply pointing out that I will not jump ship until KSP2 can match my current gameplay achieved with the mods that I have. Depending on a) the out of the box spec and b) the speed at which modders catch up, that might take weeks or might take years. Until then I will stick with KSP1.
  12. I for one will hold off on even considering KSP2 unless and until; The physics problems that continue to plague KSP1 are well proven to be missing from KSP2. The performance requirements are less than or equal to my current KSP1 setup. KSP2 out of the box can match my current KSP setup with the 70 or so mods I currently use (in terms of visuals and game play). Something about KSP2 significantly enhances my gaming experience. Also, I have absolutely zero interest in a multiplayer option. We have seen so many times that when it comes to software, an "update" is not always desirable (looking particularly at Microsoft and Adobe products) and in my gaming world, Silent Hunter 3 is still far better supported than Silent Hunter 5 which was a dog of a game.
  13. No, I build everything unclipped as a rule. Also, AFAIK, as long as "Same vessel interaction" is set to off, there should be no issues from clipping, though I could understand there would be if it was set to ON. See the comment below regarding wheels. My base on Minmus is on a perfectly flat plain. Also, I am using Kerbal Planetary Base System with the attachable wheels so I can raise them and just let the base modules sit flat on the ground, but then I found it continually sinking and occasionally exploding due to ground collisions. I have another older base using stock parts that is on legs. That had problems before I installed World Stabilizer but nothing seems to change this behavior. I just want to add that the jumping only occurs when flying into range in another vessel, doesn't happen when I use "Switch to..." Thanks for your answers but it seems the problem lies elsewhere.
  14. I have found that behavior very common after using Hyperedit, even when just jumping to orbit, the ap and pe are often very unstable. Don't think it is a WS problem.
  15. Hi All, I have bases on Mun and Minmus built using the KPBS mod v1.6.10. I'm running KSP 1.8.1 with plenty of mods including World Stabilizer 0.9.7 which helps enormously but it cannot solve my issues as well as Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next v4.1.15. The bases work fine, each one has drills, ISRU's tanks, science using a total of around 12 modules each. They are now mounted on the KPBS wheels permanently because when I left them flat on the surface I had problems with some parts sinking about 1-2 meters. I am facing the famous old problem with bases jumping and destroying themselves as I bring a lander down for refuelling and get into physics range (2.3km). It is very random, sometimes after a self destruct, I will load the same save game and landing occurs with no problem, other times the bases will jump off the ground in ridiculous ways - I am not talking a meter or two here. Minmus is worse due to the low gravity. Last night I activated the "no crash damage" and "unbreakable joints" cheat before landing to try to beat the problem but at 2.3km range, the Minmus base didn't just jump, it was more like a launch attempt, achieving an apoapsis of 3.5km before tumbling back to the surface. It took off in one piece, but even with the cheat menu enabled, some disassembly took place on landing. If it had more horizontal velocity , I'm sure it could have got into orbit. The other problem is the age old one of all types of vehicles, bases and landers disappearing many kilometers into the planet as another lander comes into physics range. This can be corrected by reloading the game but it is very annoying. Is there nothing that can stop these issues once and for all? - I love this game but I'm getting to the point of turning away from it due to the sheer frustration.