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  1. I'm curious about this statement. I just started playing again on 1.8.1 after a bit of a break and imported an old career from a 1.6.1 version with about 65 mods installed. I was careful, but I have had no problems whatsoever on anything, I just made sure to install all the same mods and even then a couple weren't available and I have had no problems over the last 4 weeks of play.
  2. Cool, thanks. I know it is just as easy to do manual installs, but I (like most I suspect) prefer to keep everything managed via CKAN as it ensures the best chance of catching compatibility issues etc.
  3. Forgive the ignorance but is there any reason why it can't be uploaded to Spacedock?
  4. Just to update, It is not my preferred solution, but for the sake of simplicity I have decided to go with two installations of KSP in separate game folders. My original "Home" version has hi-res graphics and anti-aliasing settings and my full set of mods and is set for my 27 inch monitor My new "Away" install is set up to lower resolution, easier graphic settings and the same mods, but minus the heavy visual ones such as Scatterer. For my mods, I can manage and start either of the two instances from CKAN. For my Career saves, I have found and installed a free, folder synchronizing app that keeps my two "saves", "Ships" and "Screenshots" folders fully synchronized in real-time. It can even be set up to make backups of my saves to a completely separate folder or my home network. Looks like a very useful utility that I may use for other purposes too. Might even make a donation! Again, thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks Harry, I was hoping for a simpler solution (not being a great coder) but your point number 1 seems to be the way to go. For your No.2 solution, I will just keep the mods related to ship parts and functionality in a second folder but not include any visual enhancements. If you have any suggestions on how to best create the scripts I'd appreciate it. I am just a tinkerer when it comes to programming. Cavscout, thanks for the suggestion, it makes me wonder if there is some type of folder synchronize software usable within Windows 10 (similar to what I have to sync files on mySynology server) Cheers guys, it has given me something to research, if I get a result I will post it.
  6. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before, Recently I've been playing KSP at home on a lightweight 13 inch notebook (Asus Zenbook 3 with Intel i7-856U) connected to an eGPU running an Nvidia GT1080 card then out to a 27 inch monitor. With this setup I can enjoy very nice graphics at 60fps+ even with Scatterer, EVE and a bunch of other visual mods. But, I would also like to play the same career occasionally while traveling using the notebook's integrated graphics and 13 inch screen. I could go into settings and change everything, or I could copy and paste two versions of settings.cfg into the game directory but it would be a hassle to do this repeatedly. So instead, to get reasonable UI sizing, smooth frame rates etc. I'd like to start the same career as a separate instance with a modified copy of the settings.cfg file and avoid loading some of the heavy graphic mods. I know that Anyres can change the resolution easily but I also need to change anti-aliasing, detail level, shadows, reflections etc. So the questions are; 1. Is there a command line option I can add to the shortcut to force the game to load in an alternate settings.cfg file? I could then have a "Home" and an "Away" shortcut. 2. Is there a way to start the game with a different set of mods loaded? I open via CKAN and it seems to have something called "Manage KSP Instances >> Clone or Fake KSP instance" but it is not clear how to set up or if this will do what I need. I used to play Silent Hunter 3 with a startup mod similar to CKAN that would do this very thing. Thanks in advance
  7. Just to let you know, I did finally get a reply from the website support, then today I was able to purchase and download the MH file. There was still some page formatting issues at the purchase page but the download is fine. Thanks for the comments.
  8. Thanks for the super quick reply. I will wait a while, got lots of exploring to do in the meantime.
  9. Just bought v1.6.1 of KSP direct from the Kerbal website, then wanted to buy the Making History pack but every time I click on the icon to purchase it, I get either a blank white screen or a 502 Bad Gateway error. Tried to attach a screenshot but cannot see any method on this forum, but there is an error code Ray ID: 4ab5eda3ad1c941b • 2019-02-19 04:18:14 UTC I have been trying for 24 hours, used two different PC's two different browsers and from two separate IP addresses. I already sent an automated mail to their support but no answer or even confirmation of receipt. Any clues?