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  1. As mentioned earlier, I have been having the problem non-stop - if anything it has become worse. Previously it would happen every hour or two, now it is happening on every scene change like you. I have tried every solution mentioned everywhere but the only true fix is to change the Windows desktop to the resolution you want to play the game in before starting the game. A hassle for sure, but the lesser of two evils. On the other hand, the other day I started a session forgetting to change from 4K to 1920x1080 as usual, but the game remained working for about 4 hours before crashing bac
  2. I look at almost every section of this and the steam forum and in this case I was referring to this.... Steam was offered as a possible solution to the OP's question and it also introduces major problems for many people, how is that not relevant advice? The bulk of my reply focused entirely on the OP's question, is it acceptable? I know you have a job to do but I was not being offensive or posting off topic, just trying to offer advice. Of course if it's not welcome then fine.
  3. I saw Steam was mentioned - I would never advise anyone to purchase KSP through Steam - it adds so many glitches to the game such as corrupted files etc. Don't believe me, just take a look over at the Steam forum where nearly every second problem is a Steam database related error as opposed to a KSP error. If the OP purchased outside of Steam, then he is on the path to a smoother game experience. Regarding putting ships in the main Ships folder, sure you can use it in other save games, but you'll find that you are unable to delete it in-game. You will need to delete them manually from
  4. I bought a better computer that would run KSP how I wanted to see it without too much lag.
  5. This is so true, it is worth a like. If you don't mind using mods, then the best one to help out here is TCA (Throttle Controlled Avionics). Big learning curve on this one, but it is very useful once you figure it out. It has some of the functionality of MechJeb for launch and landing but also is great for VTOL and hover, auto levelling, goto waypoints, terrain following etc. Also VERY good if you have multiple engines and an off center COM so you can create landers that are normally not possible - it will balance thrust on each engine individually in real-time to keep the vessel level
  6. Not going to disclose my age but let's just say I was at university when I started playing Lords of Midnight on the Sinclair Spectrum
  7. Install KerbalX Craft manager. You can link it to an account to share craft or just use it standalone. It has revolutionized my gameplay experience since installing it. https://kerbalx.com/CraftManager
  8. Ah, okay - I am not running anything like that and as I said, the RCS is also producing zero thrust in that craft. I can understand the craft in flight having a problem because the persistent file got borked by a crash for example, but I don't understand why the craft file of that ship is having the same problem - we are talking about two separate files here. As far as I know, when you reload a savegame, it does not reference the craft files. It can't because I have some craft in flight for which I already deleted or modified the craft files for. So in this case something is causin
  9. Okay, so I have uploaded it here as well as a rebuilt copy that works. Names are KSF Aztec (no thrust) and KSF Aztec II The TD-25 decoupler is only there to keep it upright on the launchpad while I am getting Hyperedit set up. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xopka6gcfxn3rsc/AABSxUybfjFg77goVskh4bHqa?dl=0
  10. Just to be really clear, it takes just a few minutes to set up a controller in the settings menu. Also, I have a 6DOF 3D mouse for CAD systems that I use in KSP. Not difficult at all.
  11. having only just started to bother with asteroid mining, I haven't seen one yet but it is one of these.
  12. Q and E are always roll in all craft. the difference between A/D and W/S can be as simple as the direction the probe was when you assembled it in the VAB. If they are backwards then RMB click on the probe and invert the control. Not sure if that requires advanced tweakables to be activated in settings.
  13. It's true - KSP does have bugs, but not all of what appears to be bugs actually are. This is game with a steep learning curve and requires some thinking. Frustrating? - yes sometimes, but also very rewarding in a nerdy way. Main reason for Kerbals to go missing is because you let their ship crash or burn up while you were off attending to something else. The mod Kerbal Alarm Clock is essential, especially as a career game progresses with 40 or 50 simultaneous flights. Not sure about the console version but on the PC, the re-spawning of Kerbals is controlled in the settings. You
  14. Sure, I'll upload it to a DropBox account when I get home tonight. You might need the mod Configurable Containers as I have the fuel tanks adjusted for carrying Ore and Xenon as well as LF. I also run Restock, but I think that is only cosmetic. I'll also upload the re-built version which works.
  15. I thought my eyes were going funny during a recent session of asteroid mining. You know how when you drill on a planet you see dust and pebbles flying around. Recently, I just happened to rotate my camera to a certain angle and saw a stream of pebbles coming out of the asteroid, but instead of floating around and evaporating, they seemingly fall away in a stream along the direction of my orbit. Difficult to see but once you know what you are looking for and get the right angle it is very odd, almost like looking downward from the top of a waterfall.. Anyone else seen this?
  16. Bouncing of landed parts and bases is well known, I have had bases jump hundreds of meters when I approached them. The mod World Stabilizer helps a lot. As for extended gameplay causing glitches - absolutely!!! KSP is famous for it. I generally play for about 2 hours max before seeing something that makes me think a re-start might be necessary. I think the best I've ever maaged was 4 hours before having to re-start.
  17. I'd recommend backing up your savegame file(s), then do a complete re-install of a clean version of the game, drop your savegames back in to "saves" and then use CKAN to install / remove mods. Any dependencies will be highlighted where required.
  18. I had a slightly similar case. I had a plain circular tank on a Kerbin - Minmus shuttle that flies from station to station. It has 2 x retractable solar panels (1x 6 long shape). In my case these WERE fitted with symmetry, and yet they are now clearly pointing in slightly different directions wen I view the ship from behind. The ship is about 1 year old in game time.
  19. Thanks for trying, I've never heard of decay in a NERV before. Here's the thing - I went to my VAB, and loaded a new copy of the saved ship design and cheated it to orbit using Hyperedit. - It had the exact same problem. In addition, this time I noted that the RCS also produced no movement or thrust either. I proved this by adding a separator with zero separation power. After activating it, both the main engine and the RCS would not move the ship away from the separated parts - after about 5 minutes they just very slowly drifted apart. I then went back to the VAB and built a new clone
  20. No the NERV sticks out into space and as I said, it has been flying around the Kerbin system for the las 1 year of game time (last few weeks IRL). Pretty sure something has become corrupted, just strange and unusual.
  21. No asteroids are involved. It is a fuel and ore freighter. Unless the mass is infinite, I don't think it is a mass problem because I can run the engine till the tanks empty and the orbital velocity doesn't change by even 0.1 m/s and apo/peri don't change at all.
  22. Mid Career game on 1.8.1 in Windows 10. I have a NERV powered freighter ship that shuttles ore and fuel between stations in Kerbin & Mun orbit - I've been using it for a while with no problems, it has made at least return 10 trips. Now suddenly, after having been docked to the Kerbin station for a while, I've had thrust problems. When I undocked and backed away I noticed that the RCS seemed almost powerless - this ship is empty but it acted as if it was really massive. Then I made a node to go to the Mun and fired up the main engine. Engine lights, fuel is consumed but the thrust
  23. Yeah, that could be fun. There is one particular one I like where the kerbal apparently has something obnoxious stuck to his glove.
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