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  1. I think the KSP servers are going to crash with so many downloads when breaking ground is released.
  2. On May the 15th, my dad is going to notice $15 gone from his bank account.
  3. Welcome! Those screenshots look awesome!
  4. Welcome @St4rdust! Interstellar? Yes yes and yes. This is going to be good.
  5. I have a request - make the MiG-105 "Spiral" spaceplane. It was cancelled fairly early on in the development to go down in history as the Soviet equivalent of the Dyna-soar.
  6. What counts is how Kerbal it is, not how overkill it is.
  7. 7.5m parts (10m for making history). It's not much to ask for!
  8. Speaking of oceans, could you please make the sea dragon? Sorry if this is too hard. Thanks!
  9. I'll try. Currently digging myself out of the pile of homework with my laptop. Tell my mum I love her.
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