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  1. The “include stock vessels” option is OFF, but I still see vessels in the list when I open the menu in the vab. Did this change at some point? Is there a way to eliminate these from the list?
  2. I just tried again and rage quit. I was lined up, accelerated directly toward the port and it just bounced off and sent me spinning. I can't stand it anymore, I give up. Thanks for trying.
  3. Guys, I'm playing again after a lengthy break from the game. I am have terrible problems using RCS and docking. I'm playing on PS4. my trouble is with the camera view and finding a constant and repeatable view so that I can learn the controls. I think this is a pain and different than those who play on PC. can anyone suggest a camera view that doesn't glitch around during RCS maneuvers? Is it possible to get the craft rotated so that up/down and left/right feel natural and are repeatable? I have spent hours with the docking training mission but I'm ready to give u
  4. Are there any tutorials or texts describing how to plan and execute transfers beyond the simple flights I have accomplished so far? My entire collection of flights has been LKO, Mun orbit and return to Kerbin and kerbin to Mimnus and back. I recently tried a flight from Mimnus to Mun but I think I had to orbit Kerbin several years to get an encounter with Mun. How do I learn when to launch in order to get a reasonable encounter window? i am playing on console so I don't have any mods to help with this.
  5. Guys, First, thanks for all the help! The game would be much different without the community here! my question for the day - When I am returning from Mimnus back to Kerbin how do I use the Mun to help slow me down? Is there a wiki topic that describes this procedure? I have heard/read the term gravity assist but do not completely understand it. It seems that this is going to be a technique used for much of the future missions to outer planets?
  6. Thanks guys, that makes sense now. I did eventually find some info in the wiki, I searched on physwarp and it doesn't find anything, but I think if you spell out the word physics it does find the entry. and I think part of my problem was indeed with my crew member. I had a scientist AND an engineer on Mimnus but during one session I did have the engineer running the drill and most recently he was not, hence the low production. thanks for the help!
  7. Guys, i searched the game help pages pages and the wiki and didn't find what I'm looking for. can someone fill me in on the differences between physwarp, time warp and how they interrelate. It looks like I can "turn on" physwarp or select time warp. I tend to use time warp and then click the R1 button to speed up time (I'm on PS4). but how does enable physwarp influence this action or does it? And, how does all of this relate to mining ore and producing fuel? it seems like I was able to make a load of fuel for my small mining rig in about 10 days but
  8. I doubt this is new info but I landed another ship near my base again and this time it was all still intact BUT every component on the base was showing a heat warning icon like it was about to explode from heat of re-entry. is there a work around for this? I think I was able to select each control point and simply "operate" things and it cooled down. not good for my fuel depot to get hot. I did use time warp enroute to the depot.
  9. Can the convert-o-tron overheat and explode? I'm just passing overhead to land a supply transport ship near the ore processing unit and I see it explode! The entire rover has vaporized and the ore drilling rig landing legs are gone and the ship is resting on the engines! "The entire side is missing, all the way up to the heat shield!"
  10. Thanks, I think I'll try again and change the order to Mimnus , Mun and back home.
  11. Well, this one is Turing out to be much more difficult than I expected. I am trying to complete a tourist contract taking 5 tourists around Mun and Mimnus. I'm in orbit around the Mun but can't seem to create a transfer from the mun to .Mimnus. I'm not sure if I'm trying to do this in a bad sequence or what. I thought I had the Mun encounter lined up so that if I flew past the Mun without performing a retrograde burn to enter orbit that I would fly by and be headed to Mimnus. But I decided to get into orbit of the Mun, then transfer from that orbit to Mimnus. Maybe this is not the pr
  12. I left the fuel tanks on the drill rig set as they were at -10 and I changed the large fuel tank on my rover to +1 and it looks like maybe that is causing it to process ore into fuel and it is putting all of it into the rover tank and the drill rig tanks are steady where the were at the time of the change to priority. maybe this is different between console and pc OR I didn't make my question clear which is the more likely answer.
  13. Back to prioritizing fuel and ore on my drill rig WHILE attached to the tanker. can I use the priority values to cause the tanker to fill first, then once full the drills and converter will fill the tanks on the drill rig itself? this way, if another transport ship arrives at the drill rig station the tanker might be full and could immediately move to refuel the transport ship?
  14. Today I'm attempting to adjust the orbit of my scanner/relay satellite around Mimnus. It is currently orbiting in what looks like about a 30 degree incline and 188k. It is not perfectly circular but close. I think I have plenty of fuel for this but I'll send a refueling ship if I need it. i don't see how to make the AN/DN buttons appear? Also how do I identify the poles? I guess if there is a way to display the AN/DN info that would give me the exact polar info?
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