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    Vanished Kerbals

    Success! I was about to give up but I solved it! What caused the problem was that part of the Crew Roster in persistent.sfs somehow got erased ( I'm suspecting my late power supply that was doing unscheduled power downs ) causing a problem for KSP in that the vanished crew were still listed as crewing the various ships in the Vessel section of the sfs file. Erasing these names caused all to go back to normal with the stricken ships working again but now unmanned. I crewed some of these by adding available Kerbals to the ships via Vessel sfs and changing their status to "Assigned" in the Crew Roster. the rest will probably go via spaceflight, I don't want to push my luck messing with the sfs file. Many thanks to you all with the great suggestions I used Notepad++ to edit the persistent.sfs file worked awsome!
  2. Tugboatdave

    Vanished Kerbals

    Sorry about the late reply; Okay, checked out the persistent sfs file, every kerbal that is vanished with the exception of one scientist is missing from the file, I tried to approach one of the vanished kerbal ships but when you get to within 2.2 km KSP slows to a stop even when approaching on foot slowly you have to quickly back up or you will get stuck as the program will slow to around 15 to 30 seconds per frame, even if you get away KSP runs from then on in half speed. I think that this particular save game has become corrupted somehow and will have to be deleted unfortunately.
  3. Tugboatdave

    Vanished Kerbals

    Tried but can't find the save file, sorry to be a pain.
  4. Tugboatdave

    Vanished Kerbals

    Thanks, will try this.
  5. Tugboatdave

    Vanished Kerbals

    Thanks! I didn't know you could teleport them like that, the only downside I think is that there is no respawn in "hard" but anyway I can't seem to purchase any Kerbals.
  6. Hello: Just had something strange happen, all of my active Kerbals vanished! It happened when I was switching from one ship to another, all of a sudden I couldn't access any ship with a Kerbal in it just unmanned probes. In the astronaut complex it shows that I have 10 active crew in the header but there are none visible even in the Assigned and Lost tabs. In the applicants section there are applicants shown but they are unavailable and the Hire next header reads 0,000,000. I have been able to add tourists on contracts and now have one active Kerbal pilot that I rescued by contract. I am using the Steam version of KSP with Making History Mod and Docking Mod. Other saved games have no problem I would just delete and start over but I'm playing hard career and it took a lot of work to get to this point.