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  1. I'm getting a contract to Explore the Mun and Minimus (same as another user posted few days ago), was there any fix for it? Was looking forward to playing with this mod after finally (I thought) getting all my mods to work together
  2. Does this work with TAC life support? I searched the thread and only saw people talking about it like 5 years ago so not sure if there's been any changes since then? Edit - problem solved
  3. Thank you lol yeah by normal controls I meant the standard ones, I was looking for pitch/yaw/roll controls so thank you
  4. is there any way to use FAR and still keep normal controls on my elevons? I like the new aero physics but I want to keep the stock control surfaces these new ones confuse me
  5. where do you get the variety of links it talks about? I want to use the 'flexible' cable but dont see no options where to change them?
  6. from what i've noticed, the actual propellers haven't got a big enough surface area to push you although I could be wrong... and that is actually a nice submarine, 13 m/s is something i'd be happy with lol, I might try recreate that design into my boat, maybe add some propellers to the front
  7. Can I use the 1.9 version on my 1.8.1 game file? For some reason the Github download link for the 1.8.1 takes forever
  8. Hey guys so i've made a boat and since we've now got the heli rotors i'm set on making the engine work using propellers, the only issue is... I can't get it to work!!! I've tried several designs and the most success I've had is 2 'wheels' made of wing surfaces rotating in opposite directions which gave me a whopping... 0.6 m/s, anything else i've tried has either been worse than that or not moved me at all. Wondering if anyone else has got any working propeller designs they wish to share?
  9. I just downloaded and installed this manually, i've got the EVE toolbar icon but it's saying I've got no configs, need help please
  10. Now that sounds like fun, i'll be testing that out shortly lol
  11. Yeah this fixed my problem thank you, in all my time playing KSP I had never even noticed that button before lol
  12. Hi so i'm trying to make a winch with a chain attached to it but the chain just no clips through the entire structure like here The 'circle' part of it is the root part and isnt made from mirrored parts which I thought was the problem,and the chain is connected to the root part as shown, so i'm pretty clueless now as to where i'm going wrong https://imgur.com/SI4JNIG https://imgur.com/RrZBqv0
  13. Hi I just installed this mod and dependencies and for some reason reaction wheels are no longer working for me in orbit.. I'm guessing it's either this mod or the dependencies that's caused it cos it was fine 10 minutes ago before I installed this
  14. sorry to sound like a broken record on repeat, but i've deleted all my mods and reinstalled them using CKAN instead.. I now have clouds but something just doesn't seem quite right, the colours are off, certain parts of the sea glitch out with big squares and the dark side of the planet isn't so dark and the clouds are black.. Sorry i'm far from being the smartest tool in the box and am having trouble describing the issue, here is a picture for reference https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1899543386
  15. I guess that's why it took so much deltaV if I was circularising inside the atmosphere lol it's just that on the little atmosphere bar thing under your altitude at the top looked like I was in space