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  1. thank you! that totally worked! now, when i import into blender, i can't seem to individually select any parts (like i want to delete the parachutes). is this expected? (or, more likely, i'm doing something wrong and need help, please!)
  2. hi! thanks for all you've done and the help you're giving! i'm trying to get this to run on my macbook, but having problems. here's what i've done: i installed blender 2.8; i downloaded the zip file, of master, from; in blender i did edit->preferences->add-ons then installed the zip; i configured the gamedata path to /Applications/KSP_osx then, i have the import KSP craft and import KSP mu menu items! great! however, when i try to import a craft, i get an error (sorry, i literally can't figure out how to paste a screenshot) in line 48 obj = mdl.instantiate(f"{name}:submodel", position, rotation, scale) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'instantiate' location: <unknown location>:-1 does anybody have any ideas, please?