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  1. Another brilliant mod you got here @benjee10 Having a little issue with the KerboArm though. I'm using the Infernal Robotics - next craft version and I've placed a power data grappling fixture onto a module, I just can't seem to get the arm to dock/connect to to the grappling fixture. Am I missing something? Reading through the manual just seems to snap together like a regular docking port if I'm not mistaken.
  2. I'm currently just using the default pre-built crafts that were included in the mod. I do disable MechJeb and deploy gridfins than re-enable MechJeb just incase so it can adjust with fins out. Haven't tried deploying fins before though.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll give this a try when I next load up. Using MechJeb just to get a basic idea how I should be doing things. Knowing that MechJeb probably isn't perfect way to get to grips with things. Having a fight with the MechJeb's auto landing guidance. Doesn't quite land where my target is, falls shy 1-3km. Shall keep trying.
  4. Hi, All. Firstly want to say this is an amazing mod that Damonvv has created/creating. I'm fairly new to the KSP world and exploring all the mods out there. Just got to grips with MechJeb and FMRS, came across a little issue. Trying to figure out how to successfully land just the regular Ghidorah 9. Any advice on when I should detach first stage and how burning back towards KSC? Thanks.
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