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  1. Cheers Snark! I definitely know not to settle for 4 GB. A couple of the guys have provided links to different PCs. I’ve had a look at them and of course they all look good to me. So I’ll keep taking in any advice, suggestions etc. and in the meantime I’m learning quite a bit about a subject that was absolutely foreign to me. And that’s never a bad thing.
  2. That sounds perfect! Thank you for accomplishing in five minutes what would’ve taken me the better part of 2019. Barring any rational and compelling argument from anyone else here, I’m gonna go ahead and order it. Just one question: will 8GB be enough? Come to think of it, he won’t need that much RAM since the majority of his waking hours will be spent mowing the lawns and doing the dishes, right? Oh, I am so grateful. You’ve no idea how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Anyways, I’ll wait a bit to see if there’s any naysayers. Other than that, it should be all systems
  3. Yep, I actually have $1700 available with Zip, so I’m more than happy to go up to say, $700 or even $800. You know what, klesh? I was toying with the idea of asking if someone could find a suitable computer that can be bought through Zip and all I’d have to do is buy it. But I thought that was a bit presumptuous of me. I fully put my trust in you guys. Thank you again and I’m standing by! Age is just a number.
  4. I forgot to mention an important point: I am limited to using only retailers who offer Zip as a payment option. Zip is an interest-free company similar to afterpay. I’ve had an account with them for years and it’s how I bought my son’s iPad and his netbook for school. I looked at ReBoot IT and Newegg as suggested by Harry and klesh but neither are with Zip. So I looked at sites that definitely are and I found this computer that I was hoping Snark (or any other uber-helpful, uber-friendly community member, of which there is many) could take a look at. Hopefully this the right link...
  5. Thank you Harry. I truly appreciate your suggestion. And thanks also for the link.
  6. Thanks sincerely for the welcome adsii! And as monstah says, you are all my children, therefore as your mother, I’m just reminding you to not drink too much coffee. It’ll interfere with your sleep. Mother knows best! If all the other Moderators are even a quarter as nice as adsii and Snark, then I’m not going anywhere! Seriously, moderators are usually the worst when it comes to being nasty and condescending. And I’m sure my (real) son will join the community. I’m surprised he hasn’t already, such is his passion for KSP. Snark, I’ll no doubt talk to you again in the very near future
  7. Boy, did I make the right choice in coming here for advice! It is so heartening to know that I can do this with confidence. I’m definitely gonna take up Klesh’s offer of staying in touch with you guys ‘til such time as my son and his new computer disappear into the bedroom never to be seen again. Well, except for mealtimes. That’s a given, he’s nearly 14. He has the appetite of an entire village (livestock included). Klesh made a great point that probably wasn’t meant to be earth shattering but nonetheless is to me. That being that “space nerds” and “computer geeks” are two separate qualities
  8. Aww thank you for your beautiful words. But it’s easy to be a good mum when you have the best children in the world. I have three sons and they’re all individually awesome. I have been heard to say on more than one occasion, “Not to blow my own trumpet, but geez I make great people.” And on the subject of great people, I am totally struck by how sweet and kind you guys of the KSP community are! Genuinely lovely people. I would normally be loathe to approach a forum lest it’s full of nasty, mean-spirited people, the likes of which I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing. Probs my own fa
  9. Thank you both so much! That’s a wealth of knowledge, right there. I (surprisingly) understood the majority of the info, which is more of a reflection of you guys, as I’m sure you made a concerted effort to speak in a language I’d likely understand. Thank you for that. Having read Snark’s great explanation of the graphics card/monitor size correlation, I’m sure a small- to mid- sized monitor should suffice. I also get that a minimum of 8GB is advised, 16GB is preferable and over 16GB is probably not necessary. My son likes a game called Simple Planes and he is keen to play ano
  10. So I thought I had posted a comment last night wherein I asked for advice re buying my son a suitable PC on which he can play KSP. He already plays it on his PS4 and maybe on his iPad as well or his netbook. The thing is, I don’t know if I successfully submitted my request for advice since I’ve yet to make my bold foray into the 20th century, let alone the 21st century. In other words, I don’t have a firm grasp on tech in general, and even less so when it comes to KSP. My son absolutely loves KSP and has been wanting to play it on PC for ages. He is 13 years old and of late has been exper
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