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  1. I finally landed my heavy moon lander, using a tug with a rhino,
  2. Whoooo! just got a twenty kerbal lander to the mun and back! (it only took 13 tries)
  3. What i meant was that i'm halfway done designing it , sorry
  4. okay, I am starting on a huge project, i am going to put a man made ring around the mun, and im halfway there, what should the uses be?
  5. I put a 200 seater space station into lko
  6. okay, i understand the large gimbal range, and the high thrust, but it's hardly efficient, and i'm having trouble finding ideas on how to use them as a later stage. any ideas?
  7. I'm asking for things that could have been good, but ended up horribly wrong once, I had a duna science lander, and all of the experiments needed a scientist to reset them, but I accidentally brought Jeb instead, and to top it off, I put the ladder upside down. . .
  8. defendant Matt, as he is much more entertaining to watch, but Scott is a better teacher for ksp
  9. okay, so i i started up ksp yesterday, and i didnt feel like doing anything productive, so i started a sandbox save and turned on cheats and messed around. one of the stupid ideas was i strapped on 8 vector enginess to a mk3 command pod, and blasted off at 10,000mps, which led me to the question, what is the max speed you can possibly go in ksp, also, how far can you go away from the kerbol system,?
  10. heck yeah!, just like my first planes.
  11. i had watched videos on the game for a while, and finally saved up enough to buy the game, build like five rockets and crashed them all before i learned about SAS