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  1. Well, it seems it has an application, but unfortunately, not in atmosphere, as it supposed to be.
  2. Well, it doesn't work great in this application. Eve has 5atm pressure. I've found good plots with engine comparison in different pressure: https://github.com/mueslo/KerbalPlot Even at 5atm Mammoth (and hence Vector) has better ISP than Aerospike. Same with TWR. That's not mentioning Vector's insane area density of thrust, which allows to spam the whole bottom of tank with them to get enormous thrust. So either Vector needs to be nerfed (no one will like it) or Dart needs a bit more love and respect.
  3. Also there should be sorting by date, mass, DeltaV, etc
  4. I was trying to use Dart engine for some time and didn't find any applications for it. Recently I was tinkering with my Eve ascent rocket and finally got an understanding that Dart engine is completely useless in its main application and Vector is almost the only way to go. This is strange because the idea of aerospike is to work independently from ambient pressure. Turns out, Dart has ISP 290s-340s vs Vector's 295-315s. Its thrust is also more affected by an atmosphere: 85% of vacuum thrust, compared to Vector's 94%. So, the aerospike is affected by atmosphere more than a bell nozzle eng
  5. You have another mod, Textures Unlimited installed. It changes procedural tanks and wings colors. You can either recolor these wings with GUI in right-click menu of the part, or you can remove the Texture Unlimited completely. (Damn I'm late)
  6. Hi, I'm using ambient light boost to better see my crafts at night, but TU parts doesn't seem to be affected by it and these parts are very dark. Reflection settings are at max, so they are no a problem.
  7. Thanks, it worked! Seems like FASA was rereleased by RO team. I will tell them about the issue too.
  8. Hi, I have some problems with FASA Mercury Parachute in RO, RP-1, game version 1.8.1. When I deploy it, it doesn't slow the capsule, and I hit the ground at about 60 m/s. I also don't see any RealChute UI in editor. There are only mod settings in KSC menu. And there are no other parachutes with the exception of Mercury and it's mini version. I remember that in older versions of RP-1 there were others too. I've tried reinstalling (through CKAN) RealChute, FASA and ModuleManager, and it didn't help. The log is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q5pNhdl77ljhyeWW2ostfS4NhDhWuwlc/view?
  9. Hi, the mod is absolutely great, I am currently at ~1959 technologies and steadily progressing. I can see many empty nodes in late parts of tech tree, starting from advanced capsules era. Am I missing some recommended mods, or its just still WIP?
  10. Hope the idea of space center as main menu will be redone, as we will have multiple planets and launch sites. It makes more sense to have tracking station view as main menu with RnD and contracts done in windows, not in buildings. I'm sure not everyone will love it, but currently all this management is clunky and very slow.
  11. Hi, I was reusing rockets for a while with mods and encountered the lack of platform to land rockets in the ocean. And then I got an idea that it could actually be a good DLC. So, my proposal is combining ideas of several mods (KRE, FMRS, etc) into one DLC and adding some other related stuff not present in mods. The DLC could include: Parts: Big legs, grid fins (obviously Falcon-style landings) Bigger chutes (e.g. for SRB reuse) Parafoil (Electron-style. Well, without chopper) Deployable wings (Energia flyback boosters) Landing
  12. I really wished we would have new panels. Deployable panels now are not very equally spaced in size . And Rosetta and Bepicolombo have interesting panels not similar to stock. Its good that we don't get new engines and tanks, there are a lot already. New command module is too specific, but okay. New and realistic experiment is cool. But maybe there is still time to add panels? Or at least add them as fix a bit later?
  13. I'm pretty sure one of the first mods will be changing UI back to KSP1 and another one will be unlocking craft limits
  14. You are making good points about them, now I am less sure we need these fuels :-) Yes, and making orbital depots with huge solar panels, radiators and maybe even engineers to reduce boil-off will be interesting. The only problem with LH is that we will have two different fuels named specifically after Hydrogen: Liquid and Solid, while usual fuel will remain generic Liquid Fuel. It seems like disproportion. Maybe calling LH just "Cryogenic Fuel" will be better?
  15. Still, bigger planes need bigger runways. Would be cool to have separate launch complex which specializes on planes and has wide and long runway. Now other launch complexes don't have any anvantage over KSC.
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