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  1. Another idea: hotkeys for different types of menus. KSP 1 with mods had too many menu windows and you have to close or open them with mouse. It turns into office desktop simulator very quickly. My idea is to have hotkeys to open/close windows depending on their type. For example you are working on making specific orbit and want a menu with all orbital parameters. You press something like Alt + O. You then want to manage your resources, you press Alt + R. The same may be for control surfaces, thermals, crew management, communications and data, etc Alt + 1-0 could be used for custom windows combinations and mods
  2. In-game editor would be inferior to any specialized tools, even MS Paint, and it would distract devs from more important stuff. What is really needed is an ability to share flags with other players without manually putting them into game files. I think there will be some kind of built-in mod manager, and flags may be treated as mods and shared there
  3. I'm wondering if its possible to make good-looking buildings as Parallax scatters, to place them randomly around Kerbin. Sadly I don't have modelling skills, but maybe someone would pick up the idea.
  4. I like the amount of Kerbalism mentions in threads like these. It means that Kerbalism devs hit the nail with it's science system. It gives you the distinct and realistic experiment types and you don't have to micromanage it by constantly clicking measurement buttons. Measurements take time and power and can be transmitted completely. It creates an incentive to make balanced crafts with enough data capacity and throughput. Sample collection results have to be analyzed by scientists or have to be transmitted. It creates incentive to make returnable missions or stations. Kerbalism's UI is a bit difficult to understand but I think it can be improved. There are also some problems with the way it works on the background, but hopefully with a good resource system it can be implemented better. Tying science system with encyclopedia sounds cool, but I think it would be annoying for experienced players if it will prevent them from checking planet parameters before the flight. They will just google parameters or install an unlocking mod. So the system mustn't be very restrictive. As for parts progression, there should definitely be some better balancing, so that players actually leave Kerbin and Kerbol SOI instead of grinding science there. Again, it shouldn't be very restrictive, but it should motivate players to move on, instead of unlocking complete tech tree by farming science on Minmus.
  5. @Gameslinx just in case, I've updated my Lifeless Eve patch to use Module Manager syntax. The updated version is at the same google disk link, so no actions are needed from you.
  6. I've configured Eve to only have rocks, basalt formations and crystals. To do so, I reused some objects from other planets and recolored some of their textures. Here's how it looks: https://imgur.com/a/qDzWtUc I've made a downloadable patch if anyone wants to have the same configuration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16-nTUbRgQescq4ajQtka1cJnaOzPcgPy/view Just drop Parallax_StockTextures folder from this archive in GameData and agree with replacement of Eve.cfg. Hope @Gameslinx doesn't mind me publishing it here.
  7. Very impressive work, @Gameslinx, congrats on release. I however didn't like how you went with Eve, I would prefer to keep it lifeless and more grim. If I ever make my own configs, will the license allow me to publish them?
  8. I think it's more or less confirmed, as they showed elements of colony editor in Show and Tell Highlights #3 and there were roads Yep, that's why my suggestion is to keep this functionality using part variants
  9. Interesting how different people use parts differently. Personally I believe that even stack separators should be removed from game because they are rarely needed (I don't use them at all and don't even unlock them in career) and at those rare times they are needed, their functionality can be replicated with two decouplers pointing at different directions. So they just clutter the interface for me. If we are speaking about suggestions, mine would be to remove separators as a part and make them as switchable version of decouplers. And it could be for both stack and radial decouplers. This would be more logical and would reduce number of parts in editor
  10. I thought as well, for example mod that deletes other star systems to reduce loading time, calculations and RAM usage. But on the other hand, hopefully, devs will not use the same "load all assets to RAM" approach KSP 1 had and other stars won't be an issue.
  11. It's just one of those things that annoy you a bit and are too minor to complain about, but they most likely annoy many people. Fair enough. Thanks for the mod, glad it's continuing to improve.
  12. So that when rocket's TWR is lower than 1.0 there was a grunt voice yelling: MY ASS IS HEAVY
  13. Hi, I have a small suggestion. When starting a new game, you are always greeted by Gene Kerman and others as they tell you the basics of KSC. Would be cool to be able to turn these messages off globally.
  14. Another thing to consider, alongside with animations taking time and game resources, is that they would require additional skills from modders. Currently there are many mods with new capsules, and making them requires only modelling skills. If animations will be implemented for stock parts, many modded parts that do not have animations will stand out as not enough stock-alike
  15. Hi, I've noticed that CKAN doesn't run when PC is connected trough a VPN tunnel. When launching .exe, it just opens an empty command prompt window and then nothing happens. Turning the tunnel off fixes the issue. (Windows 10)
  16. It is currently a pull request waiting to be approved by @SuicidalInsanity , so it's not in CKAN or GitHub yet. But I've released it as downloadable file for those who don't want to wait: https://github.com/Tagir-1/Mk2Expansion/releases/tag/v0.1
  17. Hi, I love the mod but it lacked pretty engine exhausts, so I have added Waterfall configs for liquid-fuel engines. It is here: https://github.com/SuicidalInsanity/Mk2Expansion/pull/64 Pair of screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/COaUI4C
  18. Devs already said that there won't be a Career Mode, but there will be an Adventure mode which won't have credits but uses your advancement in space exploration for the progress. It sounds pretty much like what you are describing. You can probably search for the term on the forum for threads with more information. So now we should actually hope not for the new modes but for the Career to come back, because many players actually like an additional challenge of making cheapest effective rockets and maintaining the space program. Maybe it could be implemented as a DLC. Of course mods will add it soon after the release but mods that add such complex systems from scratch usually have troubles with maintaining, consistency and being up to date.
  19. I really like how Kerbalism did science, by distinctly separating samples and data. Stock is not intuitive in these terms, it shows you science which is green but then it is also blue and if you measure something twice you get bit less blue. And if you put a single thermometer measurement into lab you can farm a lot of science from it but if you move this poor thermometer measurement to other planet you can get squeeze even more science from it with the lab. It makes no sense. A simple and understandable connection of samples, data and science points is needed. Kerbalism does that, but it could use better UI. Experiments taking time and electricity is a must-have too. Energy balance is an important part of any spacecraft and currently it is almost not a thing. Probes can be set to standby, antennae can send data partially and most stock experiments don't require energy at all and few use it as a single large portion. Again, Kerbalism did this pretty good, but it needs better UI and there should be consistency of science production for sensors, scanners, reports, surface experiments and other stuff. As for the tree, it should probably be unlocked with science only. And milestones, resources or funds (well, we won't have them, but maybe at least some funding API for modders?) should be tied to actual production of crafts, colony modules and their upgrades. Such separation of science and production would be easier for players to understand.
  20. I'm pretty sure they will go back to these parts and I think there is enough time to do it. Even if they don't, well, they can always update them later. I'm not sure there will be Restock 2, but the current style looks too cartoonish, so probably someone will try to make realistic textures revamp
  21. It's from older designs of Russian PTK NP aka Federation aka Oryol spacecraft. I think it was supposed to be a chute container or docking system. Current design doesn't have it though
  22. A small menu that shows all crafts in vicinity which you can click to switch to them. Cycling through crafts with [ and ] is tiresome when you have surface outpost with several rovers, ascent vehicle, EVA kerbals and a base
  23. It works on Kerbin, but its still dark on Minmus. I've looked through the source code and I think I found the problem, I've opened an issue at GitHub.
  24. Same here, I guess there was some update which made Advanced Transfer work online instead of requiring to press Reset button each time. As a result it is constantly updating the Porkchop Plot with current orbit and also using post-maneuver orbit as starting point of calculation, and when I continuously change the maneuver, it continuously updates the plot. As a result it became very CPU-intensive and produces errors. I set 1000 m/s transfer, press Create Node and it gives me 4000 m/s in random direction. I haven't yet tried older versions, though, so maybe there is something else.
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