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  1. Granted. It’s 1 by 1 pixel and the audio quality is unreadable. I wish for a new coffee table. My old one is falling apart.
  2. 10/10 known because his pfp is the greatest comic strip ever to exist
  3. When Mars crashes into my bathroom When book turn into grass?
  4. Fact one: I think mint is disgusting Fact two: I play war thunder Fact three: I have three dachshunds
  5. Banned for not being a rear admiral (real position not joking).
  6. Because the army of the towels will banish you to bean land Doorknob?
  7. What thread has the most reply’s/ pages?
  8. Banned for some number businesses
  9. 19 he 111 in the formation! 19 he 111! Some hawker hurricanes Cause the Germans a headache 18 he 111 in the formation.
  10. Because the space door knob monster is coming to town. Why do arm chair flex their epic road signs?
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