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  1. Friend has been bugging me to get War Thunder. Ive played World of Tanks for about 5 years now. tried WT and maybe neve go back to WoT. WT is so much more realistic. Though I may also play Transport Fever 2. Not a bad game.
  2. ooh new pfp I see? I like to give my Kerbals more character as well. sometimes ill end up catching myself talking as if im the kerbals talking.
  3. Nope! (Darn missed summon!) @OrdinaryKerman?
  4. Nah. @Stormpilot yep! Let’s see, @Stormpilot? Yeah! Your good at this @Stormpilot! hey look I came to my summon! Maybe @Stormpilot? yes! Let’s shake it up a bit. Maybe @Spaceman.Spiff ?
  5. Yeah! It joke! People like: @Bob Kerman
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