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Status Updates posted by Stormpilot

  1. Congrats! Just noticed you got 4000 post!

  2. I have 1066 rep. Just like the battle of Hastings which took place on October 14th 1066.

  3. Yay 1000 rep!

    Thanks everyone :) 

  4. Congrats on rep grand! (I totally did not like random old post to do this) :)

    1. Souptime


      haha yes 1K rep!

      8:15 PM EST i hit 1K rep

      Now ii'll have to wait another 1 and a half for 2K

    2. Stormpilot


      You will need to about about 1.22 years until 2k rep

      you joined the forums 1.22 years ago

      I will join the rep grand group.



  5. Darn I’m not far from 1000 rep! Thanks guys :)

  6. I don’t feel so great today. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night and any attempt to hit the hay is not working. Vomited real bad. This might be from the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (I’ve been told it has some side affects worst than the first one). Anyhow at least I’m vaccinated and in 2 weeks im immune :) 

  7. Blender froze while rendering over 200 glasses of chocolate milk.

  8. Hello @AlamoVampire

    I was just wondering but why is there a number at the end of all your post. Just curious. Thanks.


    1. adsii1970


      @AlamoVampirekeeps a log of forum comments made. the number is nothing more than the HourMinuteMonthDayYear of the post. Hence this post would be 104507152021

    2. AlamoVampire


      @adsii1970 is correct. Just my way of time stamping. Started it a few years back for reasons that i imagine were reasonable at the time to me. Became habit and here we are lol. @Stormpilot


    3. Stormpilot


      Thank you very much

      :) 170107152021

  9. First we had titles like x/11 with a title but did it just go back to what it was earlier? What is happening?

    1. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      Now they are below the PFP and have the prefix "About me:"

      I wasn't here for the bugs and glitches, but I have noticed the slight difference in the forum UI.

  10. Nice M3 Lee in your pfp :)

  11. You have 757 rep. Just like the Boeing 757:


  12. I am temporarily back in cell service and saw I was at 800 rep! Thanks everyone!

  13. Hello fellas

    I will be generally off the forums until July 7th or July 8th. The reason is i am going on a trip where there is no service. I may be on the forums for a short time every once and a while between now and then but I will generally be off the forums.

    Stay safe everyone.

    1. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      Just came back,

      Well... happy trails my friend :) 

    2. Admiral Fluffy

      Admiral Fluffy

      Hope you have a nice trip! :)

    3. ColdJ


      Stay safe and enjoy.

  14. I have 787 rep

    I am entering unknown territory 

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    2. Stormpilot


      Yeah airplanes. unfortunately past 787 I am entering Unknown territories.

    3. JebNotFound



      Aeronautical Aviation is my top big thing right now, I am going to buy X-Plane 11 soon :D

    4. JebNotFound


      And btw, wut i see -


      o HahA U CANnoT AdD any MorE REacTiONs ToDAy NoOB



  15. Hey llok 400 rep :D 

  16. I cannot thank this game enough. It taught me so much while I also had so much fun. Thank you KSP. I have only been here for 4 years but it feels I have been here since the beginning. Happy 10th birthday KSP.

    Cant wait for KSP 2.

    1. Singhnaut


      I was gettin worried cause I stayed up late waiting for the update but it came the next day XD

  17. Congrats on 12k rep :D 

    1. kerbiloid


      Thank you!

  18. I have 747 rep, just like the Boeing 747, one of the worlds first wide body airliners.


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    2. JB182


      761, no boeing 761

    3. Starhelperdude


      I like the B-737, I prob. only flew with it, or maybe I'm mixing it up with the a-350 or smth.

    4. Singhnaut
  19. You know being a kerb was boring. Ima go back to being Rasputin

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    2. Stormpilot


      I’ll finish:

      ”it was a shame that, he went to vall”

    3. Starhelperdude


      then jeb, bill and bob wanted him to drink unsymmetrical dimethyl hidrazine, disguised as sugar-free coke

      then they launched Kerbal-Xs at him

      then they let him reenter without an heatshield

    4. Stormpilot
  20. You have 777 content count. Just like the Boeing 777, the largest twin engine jet airliner.


    1. Souptime



  21. Hey llok 500 rep!

  22. Holy smokes your already nearing 2000 rep :D. Feels like just yesterday you hit 1000.

  23. You have 747 rep. Just like the Boeing 747, one of Boeing’s greatest airliners.


  24. 1500 rep! Your well on your way to 2000 :)! Congrats!

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    2. Spaceman.Spiff


      Y             E            S


      But let’s be real, 5000 is as likely as the mega thread hitting 1000


    3. Stormpilot


      yeah, very likely if we work hard!

    4. Stormpilot


      Also yes.

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