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  1. I would not mind doing a game one day
  2. Ah! It’s already October! Thanks for keeping this running guys! It’s always something to look foreword too at the end of the month!
  3. "Everything the light touches is yours Jeb." So Jeb decided to explore his land by tumbling down a 1500m tall cliff. He finally stopped and climbed up to do it again.
  4. click all! All welcome to click!
  5. Nope! And why am I always late? will @adsii1970 join us this morning? (Or whatever time it is where you guys are)
  6. 1,Hold your breath 2,Focus 3,Take aim and fire How to make batch of cookies?
  7. Ah yes you orders the off topic soup. Waiter! Theres a forum game in my soup!
  8. Ah yes you ordered the grand return soup. Waiter! There’s a 50cc 2 stroke engine in my soup!
  9. I think we should. I’ll do that right now. Edit: I ran out of time. I’ll do it later.
  10. A jet powered squirrel equipped with a party whistle. Kottürurspeledoggüs
  11. It’s, uhhhh, ATOMIC? will @Gargamel join us?
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