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  1. Most likely (99%) is that the vessel uses custom generators (panels, fuel cells, reactors, whatever else) that are unsupported by Kerbalism. Unsupported means that Kerbalism cannot simulate them in the background, because they're either incompatible, or unpatched. When you switch focus back to the vessel, the parts work as intended, but the background simulation does not. It can be fixed with a patch, by replacing the module responsible for EC generation in the part with one supported by Kerbalism, if you want to dig into that.
  2. Hm. that was an oversight on my part. I patched the Station Science to work with Kerbalism, but apparently I missed the part where the background sim needs to account for the specific processes which generate the resourrces. Your apprroach is correct in a way, I'll fix it soon.
  3. I'll do it, that's why I asked for your permission to use your config as a starting point and fix whatever needs fixing.
  4. That's why I said it needs to be patched per part. Bunch of manual labour, but not the end of the world.
  5. Regarding animations, those have to be patched individually per part. You can probably figure out a filter to see if the experiment has an animation, copy it to the Kerbalism Experiment, then delete the module, but i bet they're inconsistent (as usual) and stuff will break. The config you made is solid, but needs tweaks for animations and probably a slight rebalance. Regarding those 3 experiments, they're patched properly, and i did check ingame. The only one unpatched from your config is "CAE-SC-VIS Vorona Imaging System". The orbital scope there is stock experiment, which should be patched, but isn't. I'll see why. Question: Assuming i modify the cfg to fix random stuff (such as animations, balance, whatever else slipped through the cracks), would you mind if i added it to Kerbalism's repo? (and ultimately download, so everyone can have it)
  6. Something is misconfigured then. The patching process, while it looks confusing and scary, is fairly straightforward. Check MMConfigCache, for the part you're trying to patch, and check what's happening. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE:HAS[#experimentID[yourExperimentID]]]:NEEDS[YourMod,FeatureScience] { !MODULE:HAS[#experimentID[yourExperimentID]] {} MODULE { name = Experiment experiment_id = yourExperimentID whatever else } } This bit basically removes the existing experiment, and adds the new version to the part. If you're still seeing the old experiment, means this bit is not applied properly. Check your .cfg, maybe even your patch ordering. can;t really tell you more without looking into the config cache. There's also the possibility of a mod conflict, where the patches fight each other and mess everything up.
  7. Kerbalism already does this to an extent (think habitats and all the resources that go with it) Please explain in more detail what exactly you're trying to do, and I may give you some tips if I can.
  8. we already have a patch for sounding rockets. For the experiments at least. No hard drives patch yet.
  9. You're probably right, but hey. I'm not a rocket scientist, i just patch stuff. You know the saying: Monkey see, monkey patch.
  10. ^ It's lead. that's why it adds so much mass to parts.
  11. Correct. Shielding = surface area of the part. Inflatable habitats don't get shielding, because logic. Exception are rigid inflatable ones (think SSPX centrifuges)
  12. Correct. Science Rewards slider affects the total science gains, and it's global. The tweakables have per-experiment settings, and pretty much anything can be changed there, including duration, costs, science value, all sorts of requirements, crew requirements, situations, etc. All you have to do is modify the values in that file to your liking, and the core patches take care of the rest (applying and changing everything relevant). Keep in mind, tweaking one experiment will adjust values for all parts that have that experimentID. If you decide to fiddle with the tweakables, make sure the values you are adjusting are in the same format as they currently are, otherwise weird stuff starts happening (e.g. if it's a number, stick to a number, if it's false, set it to true if you wish, and so on) For modded experiments, the "tweakable" part is at the top of the mod's config in ModSupport folder.
  13. There was a "rebalance". We made stuff harder. All patched experiments were given new values, we messed with biomes/situations and a whole bunch of other stuff. It will be similar with all future patched mods. There's an idea in the works that will dynamically rebalance experiments based on what mods you have installed, but no promises. It's proving quite the headache. We also remove duplicates - functionally identical experiments get nuked, and only one remains. In general, there's a lot less science to go around, we're trying to force you to explore. If you don't like the changes, there's the slider ingame, or go into tweakables folder and tweak there to your liking.
  14. See the post above yours, specifically: For non RO Kerbalism, those are my configs, and there's no guide. The configs were provided in a "this should work" state, but they definitely need polish, especially documentation. If you're not familiar with them and try to patch something related to Kerbalism science (hard drives included), you'll probably have quite a few head scratches trying to figure out why the values you're setting are not the ones ingame. I would assume you get parts with 512kb of storage (that's the default for non-patched mods), therefore, if you want to change those values, you'd have to target each part individually. I had some ideas regarding global patching based on cost and unlock tech, but it makes everything bland and causes a lot more trouble in the long run than it's worth. If you decide to patch these yourself, make a new .cfg file, and stick it anywhere inside GameData folder. Your patches should look something like this: And so on for each individual part. (EDIT: they don't need to be in a separate .cfg, you can do all of them in a single file) Don't go overboard with base values for dataCapacity and sampleCapacity, as they get hit by a series of upgrades based on their initial values. Namely, for data capacity: >2 -> x2 >16 -> x8 >64 -> x128 >512 -> x1024 and for sample capacity: >2 -> x3 >5 -> x6 >8 -> x12 these are multipliers, non additive. Edit: This is a very basic way to patch the drives. It works, but it's not consistent with how i did it in the provided configs with Kerbalism.
  15. I doubt there's any docs on the configs. I built that mess, and Standecco adapted it for RO. I don't know his forum name, but you can either ping him on RO discord, or on Kerbalism's (@Standecco)