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  1. The issue becomes continuing to provide new features and more possiblities on what is now several year old base code. By doing a complete overhaul and creating a second title, they are able to improve the game in ways they were unable to improve the original.
  2. It's the mod list for the Jebediah's Workshop insta (and soon to be) Youtube.
  3. To be entirely honest, I have no clue. I think it has something to do with the Albecurrie drives.
  4. The mod list used for the Jebediah's Workshop Twitch Streams and Instagram. Most, if not all, can be found on Space Dock. Assume Most Current Version, currently works with 1.7+ ------------------------------------- Click Through Blocker Toolbar Controller Airplane Plus Alien Space Program All Tweak Animated Decouplers ASET Astrogator Augmented Reality (Love this one, makes docking a breeze) B9 Aerospace B9 HX B9 Legacy B9 Animation Modules B9 Part Switch BD Armory (technically outdated, but still works fine in 1.7+ with this list) Better Burn Time Bon Voyage Chop Shop Community Resource Pack Classic Stock Resources Decoupler Shroud Deep Sky Firespitter FS Hangar Extender HL Airships Hyper Propulsion Sci Fi Engines Interstellar Fuel Switch JSI Kerbal Field Kerbal Konstructs Kerbal Reusability Expansion KSC Extended KSP Interstellar Extended Mark IV Spaceplane System Mk 2 Expansion OPT (With Reconfig made by JadeOfMaar on Space Dock) OSSNTR PatchManager (Yes, it's a given, but I still have to say it) Physics Range Extender Quiz tech Aerospace Continued REKT Smoke Screen SPC Thor Tech Tri-Cross Section Tundra Exploration (Works great with HL Airships) Tundra Space Center Tweak Scale Universal Storage Vessel View Warp Plugin Warp Plugin 2 Wild Blue Industries Wind Tunnel (Some of these mods are outdated, but run without any issues with the current version)