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  1. Will there be keyboard and mouse support for consoles?
  2. Nice I'm a console player but I'm still getting Gonna watch YouTube vids about it
  3. Yeah I did like two weeks ago and nobody responded
  4. Console players really need keyboard and mouse support but idk why squad won't add/talk about it. I emailed blitworks because they are in charge of porting but they said "thanks for emailing us but try [email protected] witch I have done before and nothing happens because I emailed them months ago I think in January somebody help please!!!
  5. Ok the majority of console players want keyboard and mouse support but some people say you can't have it some say it would mess up the consoles version itself but.... I think it would be so much easier to be able to use a keyboard and mouse because those who want to use it can use it if you simply log onto the game but those who don't want it wouldn't have to have a keyboard and mouse they could still use a controller if they wanted. It would just make the game a lot more fun and easier to do stuff. That is why EVERY console game that involves things such as shooting have aim assist because it's so much harder to aim with a stick than it is with a mouse. If you read this far thank you.....
  6. Idk I just noticed after I bought the one X the frame rate seemed a lot better
  7. Same but I also had bought the dlc on the my old *original Xbox one* and even though I bought it didn't give any of the parts so I thought ehh I bought an Xbox one X and everything works now so idk
  8. Wish the dlc worked for me even though I paid for it.... Hopefully it's just a glitch The update is great the game runs very smoothly... For me at least I just think the dlc is glitched
  9. Someone help I got on midnight United States time and I checked the forums and it said 6 mins ago uomo Capra said history and parts pack is live I'm like ok cool I download the update and the dlc but when I got on KSP the update worked fine but I had no parts from the dlc so I checked the forums exactly 1 hour and 30mins after I checked the forums it said that it was posted 10 HOURS ago and the discussion was closed....... Wwhhaatt Not working for me so I uninstalled and I am re-installing
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