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  1. Here are some I've had fun with, although they aren't great fits with your no-revert style: You can't accept any contracts or set admin strategies. The only way to get funds is world first bonuses. Double gravity for all bodies (be warned this messes with orbital mechanics, also more of a setting than self-imposed). Limit the total number of launches allowed. If you want an extreme challenge, it's possible to complete either of the above careers in just 3 launches. Start your career on a more difficult body like Eve, or do RSS with stock parts (requires mods, but you ca
  2. I've completed the challenge on the 3rd launch by landing on the Jool 5 plus Eeloo and Dres. ~20 image report: ~100 image report: https://imgur.com/a/nsUdX59 I've thought about doing extra missions for more points but decided to just post what I've got so far. Hopefully it's alright if I extend on this career later.
  3. I made a table of interplanetary phase angles for 2G. Standard disclaimer, these assume no inclination or eccentricity and are only partially tested. See here if you aren't sure how to use this info.
  4. I've completed 2 launches so far on a 2G default settings career. I've only used mods to automate science sampling, improve time warp, or add information. Launch 1: upper atmosphere Launch 2: Minmus biome hopping plus Sun and Mun orbits
  5. I'm not sure. The TWR was mostly between 10 and 15. In the video it maxes out the G force meter at 15 a few different times on the ascent, but the max G force was likely on the rather abrupt landing.
  6. I don't think it was off at all. I never actually ran any of the maneuver nodes, instead checking all around the window and assuming that it would show if there was an encounter like it did in that screenshot. But I just ran a 2G Mun/Minmus mission and this wasn't the case. It showed the first Minmus encounter via node, but later it refused to show a Mun encounter despite there being one. After writing the above paragraph I just went and tested it. The +14.4 degree phase angle I calculated to Eve appears to be correct. However in testing this I encountered another issue: to get to Ev
  7. I believe my time is 2:34 /2 = 1:17 if we use the "under 2 m/s" definition of "landed".
  8. I haven't had time to do a full investigation but there are some weird things going on with interplanetary transfers with increased gravity enabled. First, all the normal tools don't work like Alex Moon's planner and Mechjeb. This is somewhat to be expected, increased gravity increases orbital speeds, which changes the timing and DV of everything. The nice thing should be that despite window timing changing, the required phase angle should be exactly the same (it just happens on a different date), because the transfer orbit and the angular velocity of the target planet increase by the exa
  9. I finished a stock RSS career about 6 weeks ago with the added restriction of no contracts:
  10. While we are clarifying rules, forgive me if there is a standard convention for this as I've never done a payload challenge, but what exactly counts as payload? Can any of the following parts be counted as payload if they assist in getting to orbit: engines, fuel tanks, command modules, SAS, fairings? Does the payload have to separate?
  11. It used a bit over 1km/s worth of fuel, but the efficiency was only something like 60% converting that into orbital speed because of the low TWR (<0.25). The whole LVN stage was like 11.5 km/s dV so it was only using the start of it. I was maximizing for cost and post-LEO dV, so I only wanted to use one LVN, and that was about as much as I could pull off using it on the ascent with the TWR so low. If I was maximizing for launch weight instead of cost, I might try to add more engines and use them for more of the ascent, but not sure it would make much positive difference because of the low T
  12. It's not that bad. In that link I posted earlier I launched ~25 tons to LEO with 5 twin boars, 6 kickbacks, 2 poodles, and a NERV, at less than 200k cost and ~900 tons. Using drop tanks/asparagus helps, especially for TWR in later early stages. Like @moar ssto was saying about TWR, I was starting around 1.6 and going up to ~3.5 before I started dropping boars. I haven't tried to scale it up to deliver 20t to GEO but I'd guess it's possible to do under 1500 tons and 300k cost (not easily). Not sure how FAR or that parts mod mandated by the OP might affect things though. In my experience
  13. Here's a rocket that can deliver a 5.5 ton satellite payload to LKO for under 5k net funds:
  14. Happy to see this challenge still so active! Here's a new entry with 4183 dV in orbit:
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