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  1. Had a routine trip to Minmus by way of an SSTO, but along the way I noticed a Solar Eclipse!
  2. Meaning they're switching to a different type of stainless or they're using a completely different material?
  3. Hey guys can someone help me find out how to get gold visors on my Kerbals? I looked around on this thread and it sounds like the gold visors should come default but every time I check my kerbals have clear visors. Do I need to download a texture pack?
  4. I just finished my second Munar Outpost! I got rid of my first one, since it is now redundant. This outpost is now the epicenter for all of my Munar missions going forward. It is a great little base with ISRU for my landers and rovers. One rover is a fuel tanker and the other is my cargo variant. The rovers are my own design, but the base itself was created by Juggernoob and can be found here: https://kerbalx.com/Juggernoob/Surface-Outpost-Zugspitze
  5. My Munar Outpost. The rovers are of my own design but the base is thanks to: https://kerbalx.com/Juggernoob/Surface-Outpost-Zugspitze
  6. Just got done building and launching a Soyuz inspired rocket I'm calling the "RK-7 Molotov". This is now my go to launch vehicle for crews of up to 3, or a light payload to LKO. Super fun to launch!
  7. Does anyone have a good ascent profile for the Starship / Superheavy using mechjeb and FMRS? I figured out how to land my starship I just can't get the ascent / boost back / landing down for superheavy. Currently I'm using a classic ascent with all of the default configurations for turn and angle of attack. I don't seem to have much control over the booster when I separate though so I might just need to do a more steeper angle. I also seem to loose control over super heavy once its reentering the thicker part of the atmosphere. It likes to flip a lot. At what velocity should I start my gravity turn? How steep should my gravity turn be? How much Delta V should I have for my boost back and landing? At what altitude should I separate superheavy from starship?
  8. Would you ever consider creating a new visual or video guide for starship including ascent guidance and orbital refueling? I’m having a really hard time figuring out my starship ascent and landing superheavy.
  9. Got it thank you! What should I use as my "control from here" when I dock? What should my target be?
  10. Great mod! I’ve been working on getting my starship reentry / landing down. Has anyone made a video tutorial for this? If not I’m sure we could all work to make one. I also have a few questions. 1 - does starship have orbital refueling? Is this something you plan to add in the future? Also my starship doesn’t have solar panels. Do I need the full near future solar mod in order to have the parts? I only have the core installed. Thanks!
  11. I would honestly love a warp drive / hyper drive to be available as a DLC. The biggest issue would most likely be balancing, since light speed travel is incredibly over powered and no one would choose anything else. Maybe for a sandbox exclusive feature? I also think it would be pretty cool to add an Epstein-like drive to KSP. That type of technology is actually based off of real fusion drives and could theoretically exist. It isn't as dramatic of a change as a lightspeed generator but is still more powerful than a chemical rocket.
  12. I hope whatever they are that they'll stay on during flight. They add a "hot rod" racing stripe aesthetic to the engines
  13. This might be a noob question but what are the red accents on the RS-25 bells? Are they there for some sort of safety reason or is it just for looks?