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  1. Does anyone have a good ascent profile for the Starship / Superheavy using mechjeb and FMRS? I figured out how to land my starship I just can't get the ascent / boost back / landing down for superheavy. Currently I'm using a classic ascent with all of the default configurations for turn and angle of attack. I don't seem to have much control over the booster when I separate though so I might just need to do a more steeper angle. I also seem to loose control over super heavy once its reentering the thicker part of the atmosphere. It likes to flip a lot. At what velocity should I start my gravity turn? How steep should my gravity turn be? How much Delta V should I have for my boost back and landing? At what altitude should I separate superheavy from starship?
  2. Would you ever consider creating a new visual or video guide for starship including ascent guidance and orbital refueling? I’m having a really hard time figuring out my starship ascent and landing superheavy.
  3. Got it thank you! What should I use as my "control from here" when I dock? What should my target be?
  4. Great mod! I’ve been working on getting my starship reentry / landing down. Has anyone made a video tutorial for this? If not I’m sure we could all work to make one. I also have a few questions. 1 - does starship have orbital refueling? Is this something you plan to add in the future? Also my starship doesn’t have solar panels. Do I need the full near future solar mod in order to have the parts? I only have the core installed. Thanks!
  5. I would honestly love a warp drive / hyper drive to be available as a DLC. The biggest issue would most likely be balancing, since light speed travel is incredibly over powered and no one would choose anything else. Maybe for a sandbox exclusive feature? I also think it would be pretty cool to add an Epstein-like drive to KSP. That type of technology is actually based off of real fusion drives and could theoretically exist. It isn't as dramatic of a change as a lightspeed generator but is still more powerful than a chemical rocket.
  6. I hope whatever they are that they'll stay on during flight. They add a "hot rod" racing stripe aesthetic to the engines
  7. This might be a noob question but what are the red accents on the RS-25 bells? Are they there for some sort of safety reason or is it just for looks?
  8. "Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it" - Elon Musk "I think people should be nicer to each other" - also Elon Musk
  9. Had some fun with an SSTO I got from KerbalX today. First time going to Minmus with an SSTO If anyone wants to try the craft out it's right here. Remember it isn't my creation and all credit goes to the original creator. https://kerbalx.com/XLjedi/SP-06-Star-Ranger
  10. True we have some parts. But we haven't gotten a texture update for the mammoth engine, no stock single RL-10 engine replica (the poodle but that's two bells not one), no interim cryogenic propulsion stage, no Boeing Exploration upper stage and no orion capsule... There are plenty of parts they can add for SLS
  11. In a perfect world I would definitely want a 1.9 but it probably wont be a huge update. Possibly some more parts and bug fixes. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one more DLC expansion. I would absolutely love a modern rocketry DLC with Falcon 9 Blue Origin and SLS parts.
  12. Speaking of 80% reusability, does anyone recall what happened to the second stage recovery concept? Elon tweeted in April of 2018 that they would try to recover the second stage using a "giant party balloon" and have it land on a "giant bouncy house." Anyone know what happened to this idea?
  13. Sorry I should have specified. Yes I am using SOCK for the shuttle parts. However I can't seem to find any way to change the fuel types. There are options to change the colors of the tanks (Which is a feature of b9) but I cant find any option to change the fuel types. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place?