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  1. It's gotta be the Ares 1 for me! I weirdly love that rocket. If I had any say in what mods, I'd love to see it built with BDB and Artemis Construction Kit
  2. Awesome stuff! Down the line, I would love to see the LM variants from BDB, as well as the Ares 1 using parts from Artemis Construction Kit. Absolutely thrilled about these crafts, thank you so much!
  3. Hello! I hope you're having a good day. I want to ask if there is any way to find every post I've ever liked? I use my likes as a way to archive cool posts, reference, and build inspiration. However, I can only find my most recent likes in my profile. Just as a side note, it would be awesome to see a "save post" option so we can create archives of cool reference material to look back on. Thank you!
  4. Hello again! I promise this is the last problem I've been having recently. I was playing around with the J-class LM, and realized that I cannot lower the hinge connected to the LM. No matter what I change (torque, traverse rate etc) the hinge will not move positions. The extension arm works, and the staging to disconnect the rover from the lander also works. Any suggestions?
  5. Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with the reflectivity of my MLEM. From what I can recall, this is a recent problem. It looks fine in the VAB, but the landing stage gold foil is much darker once I launch a craft. I'm starting a new game, and only have BDB, and its dependencies. Anyone run into this problem as well?
  6. I'm excited for building awesome interplanetary motherships
  7. There is a real logo addon somewhere on this thread that I use, if I recall it might be a part of the realism overhall plugin?
  8. I know this post is old, but any chance you remember the mod you got those awesome radial fuel tanks from? The ones mounted near the engines on your "Jamestown" segment.
  9. Hi @benjee10 I know you said recently that you're not planning on updating ReDirect any further. What does that mean for the shuttle external tank, since it uses parts from redirect? Would you simply just updates the parts required for the Shuttle?
  10. Beautiful! I'm super excited to try this out in game. Also, was there ever a plan to add DSKY to the apollo capsule? I know there's not a plan for any IVA, but for some reason I remember seeing a DSKY recently on this thread and now I can't find it. Maybe it was the control console for the Lunar Rover?
  11. Is DART still attached to the second stage of F9? If so, how would it make smaller course corrections? Merlin can't throttle that precisely can it?
  12. It is from the mod Kerbal Konstructs. The mod allows you to make new structures (Launch Pads, runways etc.) It looks like the OP just put two of them side by side in the ocean. As for the launch stand / tower, I'm not sure.
  13. Here's what I do when launching these shuttles: With the roll issue, you can always turn off "force roll" and manually roll to 180 using Smart SAS. You can also manually resist the mechjeb roll by simply pressing the opposite arrow key. The second option is what I use. As for the SRB separation, make sure you have the cockpit menu open at launch, pin it up, and at separation change the control to -15 degrees. When you're rolling belly down after SRB sep, do the same thing you did at launch and manually resist the mechjeb roll. I hope this helps friend!
  14. I go to an art school and often find myself playing KSP and Orbital Launch Simulator on my laptop during boring art history lecture. Post modernism is so much more interesting when Jeb is crash landing into the Mun. It turns heads in the classroom also, I've put at least 3 of my fellow students on to KSP.
  15. I was just starting to get into outer space, and my YouTube recommendations were always space related. One day I got recommended a constellation program video. The video was realism overhaul in KSP. I knew I had to get my hands on whatever game it was!
  16. Hi everyone, I had a thought the other day and wanted to get y'all to weigh in. As we know, starlink is currently being launched on Falcon 9 in groups of 60. If Starship wasn't currently being developed / was indefinitely delayed, would it be financially viable / practical for SpaceX to launch starlink missions on Falcon Heavy with the new extended fairing? Would this extended fairing make enough of a difference in terms of number of satellites launched?
  17. Looks like some new official renders for starship are on the Dear Moon website. https://dearmoon.earth/starship-suit.html Right off the bat it looks like that main observation deck window has gotten smaller. Anything else you guys can notice?
  18. My apologies if this has already been answered but I can't seem to find one. I've been using the Falcon 9 lately for cargo missions and satellite launches, but when I stage the fairings the parachutes cannot open because they are "stowed." Is there any way to fix this issue so the parachutes can open for fairing recovery?
  19. Beautiful pictures! What visual mods are you using? What configs?
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