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  1. I don’t have an earlier backup, I managed to find Glory as Giory. I fixed her name deleted her and changed her name to Jane none of these worked. I also looked for all the Kerbals by name and found them all in there. Any other ideas?
  2. Hi Guys, When I go into my fully upgraded astronaut complex I can't leave, I've tried hitting the leave facility button, also pressing esc and trying to quit the game doesn't work either. I had a look at my save file and found that one of my Kerbals, Glory Kerman, who is on a space station orbiting Kerbin isn't in the save. The problem started before I had any mods installed, I've since installed Kerbal Engineer Redux but this has had no effect on the issue. Any advice would be welcome.
  3. So I launched a space station core in orbit around Kerbin. It's made up of (from top to bottom) a Cuppola module with 4 high gain antennae, a hitchhiker with 4 docking ports mounted around it, a service bay holding batteries, a RSC fuel tank, a Liquid-Oxidizer fuel tank with RCS controllers and 8 OX-4L around it and a poodle engine at the end. I had no problem getting it into space and achieving a stable orbit have since had it docked with with a laboratory, lander I needed to refuel before sending to Mun, and another fuel tanker I sent up to refuel the station. I'm planning on moving the think to a Munar orbit so dedocked the lab and started my burn only to find that after 3 - 5 seconds it started pitching and will spin uncontrollably if I don't turn the engine off. From what I can tell there's nothing that should be unbalancing it. I also tried filling the tank to full thinking maybe it's top heavy (it was at half tank), but that didn't do anything either. Is there something I'm missing? The only thing I can think is that it's unbalanced, but for the life of me I don't know how.