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  1. You've done some fantastic work with this mod, @JadeOfMaar, but I'd like to suggest that you retain your definition of Oxidizer as LOX. While Kerbalism's take is interesting, it doesn't make much sense, and is incorrect from a scientific perspective. Methane + HTP tends to max out at about ~330s of specific impulse, while stock fuels can apparently reach 380s. Incidentally, this meshes in well with methalox specific impulse. There's also the added issue that methane is nearly as deep a cryogen as oxygen, and it's actually harder to insulate a tank effectively when you have two chemicals with wildly different storage temperatures in close proximity.
  2. This is a bit involved, but first delete the rescaled folder in KSP/GameData/Missing History, and replace it with this. After that, attach the code block below to restock-service-bays.cfg in KSP/GameData/ReStock/Patches/Payload. Do note that though IndicatorLights will still be broken, and that extraneous MH parts have been removed.
  3. Oh. i don't have indicator lights installed, doesn't ReStock break some of the light alignments? That said though, the only way to update the service bay is to actually modify the service_bay.cfg file in ReStock, which I don't think is ideal. I'll try and see if I can find a different way to do it. BTW, some of the MH parts are made redundant by ReStock+, but I don't know how to make an MM patch to delete them, so they're still there.
  4. Hey @Snark, I managed to fudge in a patch that replaces the stock textures used by Missing History parts with the ones provided by ReStock, are you interested? MH is a pretty essential mod, but the stock textures are very much an eyesore.
  5. I'm attempting to make a Kerbalism compatibility patch for RealFuels, and I ran into a bit of a problem. While I understand how to convert the resources of one mod into the resources of another at a 1 : 1 rate (i.e., convert 1 unit of Kerbalism O2 to 1 unit of RealFuels LOx), because of the way Kerbalism handles resources, a 1 : 1 conversion is not possible. Is there any way to convert one resource to another at a non-linear rate? Effectively, one unit of Kerbalism O2 becoming 0.002 units of RealFuels LOx?
  6. I'm not too certain about this forum's rules on double-posting, but just so it gets attention : Just what exactly does one unit of any resource in Kerbalism represent? Litres? Kilograms? Moles? Or does it vary? I suspect it's millilitres, but I'd like some conformation. Would it be problematic if I reworked the code to use RealFuels resources instead of Kerbalism resources for the patch? Is that even possible?
  7. While attempting to make a compatibility patch for Real Fuels, I noticed that pressurisation energy is ignored in a lot of places where it really shouldn't be. The energy needed to pressurise hydrogen to 700 bar and liquefy it is easily a third of the energy needed to electrolyse water. That's the most egregious example, but the various ISRU configurations also seem to do this. Is this intentional?