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  1. or just install mod that allows you to teleport vessel. select vessel without kerbal in it, and just spawn it to the same location at altitude 50m it will land gently on the surface with 1.7 m/s
  2. Well, if you have payload module, when you open it it, if the doors are turned towards ground, it actually flips the whole rocket. Try if kerbal can open it while outside caspule.
  3. why don't you build one rocket, add parts in diametral simetry. after that just set the simetry as you wish, and click on rocket. that way rocket will be mirrored simmetry, but parts on it radial.
  4. Well i finally made it. this is the lander i used mod you see just for testing of the lander. i do not use any mods or whatever otherwise. It is quite harsh to get to and take off from eve, but this lander is actually very stable and aerodynamic. When i returned to orbit i had a lot of fuel left in mothership. Actually i made it to Kerbal with half tank of fuel left.
  5. Quite big. can you show us the mothership? or this one goes all the way back to Kerbin?
  6. So you thnik mining on Eve is the way to go? but that would mean hell of a construction there just to get fuel in some decent time. isn't that even harder to bring to Eve? Or you would do it separately, to land a miner and then lander which refuels on miner?
  7. Hello, well, i have tried a couple of times to land ond eve and return. Thing is that my science level is not high enough to have "dart" liquid engines available, which i saw on all of the Eve lander deigns. Is it possible to make a lander that is capable of leaving the surface of Eve and return to orbit without "dart" engines? Do you have any designs to share, to see the lander and mothershipo capable of reaching, landing on Eve and then return to Kerbal? best regards
  8. At the end, i waited proper escape windov via Alex Moon's trajectory planner. If escape window is optimal, you also don't need so much delta V to slow down, as the planet itself further from the sun and it goes slower, as well as my ship because higher apoaphsis. Now the challenge is to get back to Kerbin, as i enter Kerbin's gravitational infulence with some 6800 m/s.
  9. Hello, well, i have been in KSP for some time now. i got to a problem, going to DRES. It is a very small planet, and when i get an encounter, to slow down to get to DRES orbit takes huge amount of Delta V. is there any other way to approach dres to use less delta V for slowing down? Usually i slingshot from Kerbin directly to DRES, should i do it otherway? i do not use mechjab or any mods. thx, best regards