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  1. yes! the music mutes in the ingame map mode, the volume on the music player is the same, and the mute option is off. i'll put soundtrack editor on a clean install today and see if i get different results
  2. sadly the issue still persists, I'm not sure what's going on but thank u v much for the attempt at helping me out
  3. I've been having an issue with music muting once i go into map mode, dunno if it's just me or if it's a bug. the setting for map is on in the playlist but it just mutes it once i go into it
  4. When I do physics warps in Cormorant shuttles it sends my vessel into an interstellar trajectory and deletes the Kerbol system, altitude and speed data shows up as "NaN" (or something) and the faces of kerbals/walls of the ksc/surface of kerbin becomes transparent/disappears. i can't give a screenshot right now but i will later, i don't know if it's directly connected to this mod but it's kind of frustrating
  5. there's not much to be said about the issue other than what's pointed out in the title, pictures below: the issue also appears in IVA
  6. A big part about playing this game is taking screenshots and images of the breathtaking sights in this game, but whenever i take screenshots, the sunflare doesn't go through! is there anyway to make it so that the screenshot option in this game captures the sunflare as well? or will i have to use an external option? it's not urgent, but it would be nice to have them go through!