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  1. I don't even have remote tech installed... why would FAR care about this?
  2. Hey, I've been having an issue, and have seen other vaguely similar issue on the forms. I cannot click on anything with 16.0.4 or 16.0.3 (haven't tried other versions) on 1.12.9. Once I load into a save, I have to Alt+F4 to exit. Here is the pastebin of the log.
  3. Ok, thank you. I will work on slowly readding all the mods until I find the culprit tomorrow.
  4. I tried updated mods said to be old, but it did not work. I still can't select part tabs correctly and if I can get onto the fuel tanks, they don't show up, just showing the old part tab. Any ideas?
  5. I think my computer is ok, so I think it will run it fine as its not lagging. You are right I didn't read the things so I probably should do that and update my visual mods. I think I figured out the Principia issue. Thanks for the help.
  6. I would say I have a good grasp on the game, I have been playing since November 2018. I will double check all of the RO requirements and I can fix principa. Do you know what I didn't do for Principa?
  7. Ok so I recently installed many realism mods. I now have 4 issues, on the fuel tank tab, they don't exist/show up, its very hard to switch the part tab, old modded parts now have horrible stats, and there are now many engines I do not know where they are from. I want all of these issues to fixed and anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide any more data people need. Link to KSP Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QXe3t7nwTcmoMAx9Jtxt8GPAhVfLHCic/view?usp=sharing Here are the photos of mods. I can't get down a list.
  8. It actually makes stuff look better, and considering KSP isn't super fast paced, you can sacrifice some frames. It may not be a crazy upgrade, but it looks nice.
  9. What do you mean by life support? Everyones been saying it and it's driving me nuts, what does it mean!
  10. @NoMrBond, Ok thanks, good to know. I'll hope for Unity to save me from my eternal un ray-trayced ksp pit of doom.
  11. Nope, it just said KSP2 would add near future tech, not disclude current tech.
  12. Whats the issue with KSP 2? It just adds content and graphics and maybe more. We're yet to find out. I think you're thinking it's a redo of KSP for money, it's just content based I think and they're not always like every company.
  13. Is there ray-tracing for unity but not necessarily dxr? or is DX12 in unity? Does this include DX12/DXR or just a generic ray tracing support or just better graphics? What is the significance? I feel like I saw on the forums it was still on unity.
  14. They do, but mods have demonstrated it's possible. They just create a barycenter that the planets orbit around. I'm pretty sure even the stars orbit around the barycenter in real life and ksp too. I think it'll work just fine with a "Barycenter" invisible celestial body.
  15. One mod is Luna Multiplayer, and they handle it like this: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/wiki/Limitations. It is a great way of doing it by disabling it or just giving it a not a close alternate functionality. I imagine it will be something like this, a vote or an owner control thing.
  16. I, along with alot of other people own a DXR capable GPU (10 or 20 series). I know in the trailer they used DXR, and it looked amazing, so will it have DXR support to help enhance the beauty of the actual game?
  17. What is the issue with epic games? I've heard steam, and ksp itself are also spyware from websites. What is the difference between egs and steam?
  18. My first time on the Hypetrain but hopefully not the last!
  19. I agree with everyone on the terrain remapping, weather, biomes, my own goals not just contracts, more uses for everything and better physics. I saw someone say N-body physics could be a hard mode and I feel this is the best fit as it is very hard to wrap your mind around n-body physics. To add more of my own, I think that they should focus on near-future parts, but leave alone our normal chemical rockets and expand upon KSPs old parts with new models and new parts along with the near-future parts. Also better graphics and better support for potato pcs. (Like Ray Tracing, it looks great in the trailer and some people can run it) I do disagree one idea thrown around by @Tw1 I believe because KSP doesn't have a story, that having them stand on their own doesn't work very well and all your doing is splitting the community between 2 games, like Runescape did in I think 2013. I feel like they should add features, parts, worlds, supports etc but not disclude old ksp items like planets and parts.
  20. Honestly, they could be making them 2 different engines, as they look very different.
  21. Hello amarius! The mod seems great but instead of starting orbiting Kerbin my kerbals orbit a ringed planet. Also Kerbin on the map screen appears bright pink and flat textured, along with the Kerbal Space Center being on some odd floating gas giant. I would love it for some help.
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