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  1. That puts my mind at ease. I suppose it's also a useful feature for those that play with Restock+ for a time and then purchase Making History later on their career save. Their crafts won't break this way, which is nice and considerate of you. Cheers!
  2. When you say "Disabled if Making History is installed" for some of the Restock+ parts, does that mean they should not be in the game at all? I ask because although those parts do not appear on the default part view (filter by function), if I use some other filter to browse they are still there, along with the Making History originals. Also, I noticed the " Stratus-V Miniature Monopropellant Tank" appears twice in the research tree, first in the "Stability" node and then later in "Propulsion Systems". It only shows when filtering by function once you unlock it in the latter, which seems odd to me, though no more than those other duplicates I guess. Edit: Never mind, this is caused by a patch config file included with the mod "MandatoryRCS". Otherwise, I'm really enjoying playing the game again with this revamp, you've done an amazing job. Thank you!
  3. Quick followup to the radiation issue I reported earlier: you should disregard it entirely for the time being. It might be an actual bug, but more likely it was due to a random computation error caused by an unstable overclock. I recently noticed increased system instability after adding more RAM (no BSODs, just more application crashes). I had stress-tested it with Prime95 for a number of hours, but forgot to run a non-AVX workload. This was a mistake, as these newer gen intel CPUs can vary voltage input based on the type of instruction, and indeed after disabling AVX in Prime95 it started reporting rounding errors after about 30min of stress-testing. This is now fixed with a slight voltage increase. I will of course keep running the mod with debug mode enabled and let you know if the issue crops up again. But for now, sorry for the likely false report and thanks again for this amazing mod!
  4. Yes, stock day duration. I think the only mod I use which could be said to affect time/warp would be Persistent Rotation. Well, that and KAC, but I haven't even added any alarms yet. Is there any downside to playing with debug on, besides a few more disk writes? I've already performed the rendezvous again this time paying close attention to the health monitor, and there were no issues at all. It didn't go exactly as before, since the first one was kinda sub-optimal and I ended up skimming the atmosphere briefly just before the final approach. Could be that makes a difference, or it could be something else entirely. I suspect this will be a hard one to nail down, but if it happens again I'll share the logs.
  5. I recently started a new career using Kerbal Health as the only life support mod, and I'm enjoying the experience so far. The biggest problem I have with the base game is how delta-V reigns supreme in any crewed mission, even for long term ones where life support should really start to take center stage. Resource based life support mods like Snacks don't really change the experience much, as all you're doing is adding extra weight to the vessel: it is still ultimately all about delta-V. With this mod though, I can see how ship design has the potential to become the primary focus on year long missions, and I can't wait to build my first space station in orbit of Kerbin to take a couple of my kerbals to interplanetary space in comfort. However, I seem to have run into a bit of an odd issue with radiation in LKO during my first rendezvous, which has me concerned going forward. I began by first sending Jebediah into orbit, where he performed a few EVAs to gather science from all the different equatorial biomes. Radiation was sitting at about 1.2K at this stage, and everything seemed fine (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/424285906?t=40m32s). I then launched Valentina into orbit to meet up with him. Just before the rendezvous burn, radiation was still nominal, with Jebediah's lifetime dose now approaching 1.3K (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/424285906?t=01h05m19s) as you'd expect after a couple of orbits. After the final approach, though, I realized Jeb's radiation was now up to 102K! (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/424285906?t=01h17m15s). I thought it may have been due to an artificial source, since I burned quite close and in the direction of Jebediah's pod. I'm using a non-stock engine here (from Restock+) so it was conceivable that it have compatibility issues. After testing a replica of the craft, that doesn't seem to be the case (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/424320646?t=04m51s). Do you have any ideas on what might've caused the sudden increase? I'm playing on the hard preset with a bunch of other mods (https://imgur.com/Oe9j2kW). Regardless, this is a great mod, and really adds to the enjoyment of the game. I've reverted to a previous save and will keep a closer eye on radiation going forward. If I learn anything on how to reproduce this issue, I'll add a bug report over at GitHub. Thank you.
  6. @DMagic Never had that specific issue myself. I'm just unable to add any nodes on the flight path until switching vessels, like this: https://clips.twitch.tv/FancyShortPartridgeSSSsss Oddly enough, I also couldn't switch back to the vessel while in-flight after the bug happened, even though it was within range. Not sure if that's related, though, as I remember being able to do so at least once before and correct the issue more quickly that way.
  7. Is not being able to add a maneuver node anywhere on the flight path a known issue of Maneuver Node Evolved? I get it from time to time after deleting/canceling a maneuver from the navball. I've worked around it by trying to always go to the map and delete the maneuvers from there, but I still forget sometimes and then have to switch to another vessel and back to get it working again. Anyway, love both mods, can't play without them. Thanks.
  8. Kerbalism works fine with AMP, and the previous version of this mod (2.2.1, no bootloader) exhibits the exact same issue.
  9. Great mod. I've tried for a long time to manually predict where I'm going to end up after re-entry, but could never get it quite right. Thanks. I'm having a small issue, though. After returning to the KSC from any flight, the Adjustable Mod Panel goes berserk. Previously hidden icons crop up again, and cannot be hidden until the next game restart. It also displays strangely in that panel, showing as "Trajectories.bin" instead of simply "Trajectories" akin to the other mods. Uninstalling this mod immediately fixes the issue.