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  1. I hope to get a answer from the devs by monday. I'm in a Facebook group for KSP on Xbox (fan made) with about 800 members and we are all waiting impatiently fore some info on this subject. I'm no programer but how hard can it be to take a game that was originally made fore PC, and make it work on Xbox with keaybord and mouse support? The game had it before annyone was considering porting it to console. All the new games coming out have K&M support natively. Even older games have been updated to work with K&M. Implementing K&M controlls with key remapping would fix ALOT of issues. And would ultimately make the game more flexible and enjoyable.
  2. So I'm playing on Xbox one, with the radial preset. And I can't figure out for the life of me how to use the custom axis groups. Iv set my helicopter engine torque % to custom01 in my axis groups. When I hover over the controll type (incremental control) the description mentions "keyboard keys increase..." I have a keaybord & mouse plugged into my Xbox all the time. And no response from anny of the keys. Also using the usual radial menue to select my custom action groups doesn't do anything either. How am I supposed to use the custom axial groups?
  3. Yes any news on enhanced edition would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Since Xbox got keaybord and mouse support now, what's stopping you from implementing it in KSP enhanced edition for Xbox one?
  5. Sorry but we are all on console and your feedback page is listed fore the PC version. No help Frome me.
  6. This thread is exploding. Anny comments from the devs on what's going on?
  7. You would have to be mentally challenged to announce a release date more than a year after starting work on the update, and then release 8 months after the release date. If they anouced it's release then it was verry close to finished. Especially if they released a week after they announce it.
  8. Dam I was so looking forward to the dlc. I just hope I don't have to wait another month
  9. Conserning KSP enhanced edition. Iv been playing KSP on my Xbox since it came out. And I'm extremely happy you guys made a console port. But here is a couple issues I come across regularly. 1. When piloting medium to large sized craft the Xbox frame rate drops quite a bit. This usually wouldn't bother me mutch. But when the frame rate gets choppy, pressing on a part to open it's sub menue becomes near impossible. It rarely reconizese my button presses. I have to spam the part fore 20 - 30 seconds before the sub menue pops up. 2. The in game kspedia mentions "precision flight mode" but after studying the controlls and scouring the internet it seems this option was never implemented into the the enhanced edition. 3. The runway is not perfectly smooth. There are bumps where the destructible parts of the runway meet. Usually not a big deal but it would probably still be a easy fix. (I mean I guess? Iv never coded anything in my life) Having the option to dumb down the graphics so we can get better frame rates would be nice to. Another suggestion. It would be verry nice to set custom headings. Say I want to fly 180° at 0° elevation. Basically straight south. Then the craft would keep a steady altitude and heading even when physwarpig. Or say your sending a space shuttle to orbit. The direction of travell is not allinged with the cockpit due to off set engines. So being able to set different headings on your way to orbit could help alot with keeping those hard to controll ships in line. Anyhow thank you guys so mutch fore being sutch dedicated developers and listing to your community of aspiring kerbalnauts!