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  1. Launched a big ol' multiple relay system. This guy, to be exact: Calling it the "CosmoConnect" system, it's made mostly to strengthen the Kerbin relay system. However, I'll probably make smaller versions of this that I can stick on big assemble-in-orbit motherships. Here's the thing in space:
  2. Here's the thing, that's only contracts, not the parts themselves. If it was the parts themselves then it'd be a lot more in-depth, but if you didn't want it it'd probably just be a difficulty option.
  3. Ah, yes, because I love to redesign my pre existing rockets and have to launch all new probes/orbiters/stations because the newly added black hole screws with my orbits in my save so that they deorbit or get pulled into the black hole. Honestly, what purpose would they serve in the current system? Even with OPM thrown in it's still way too small. I understand you could use black holes for science, but even then, you're going to have to GREATLY expand the stock system to make these interesting and bearable.
  4. Nothing spectacular today, just launched an entire station to Minmus. Said station is the MS1-"Duran", a Minmus research station parked in a polar orbit. Station in question is this big guy: Can house 33 kerbs at max capacity, here's another angle:
  5. I mean, it is on Moho, which is an alternative version of Mercury. That said, when the planet rotates and this lava crack is on one side, it should cool. Maybe it's because Moho is actually very, very, very hot, hotter than, say, Kerbin/Mun at its core.
  6. Very nice, but it does look... rather out of place and just kinda juts out. I hope you guys are going to make these ground features mix with their surroundings better.. because it's nice that we're getting these, but, well, it arguably just looks like they took a model and slapped it on the ground. Hope the other ones won't jut out like that.
  7. Attempted to use orbital telescope, got eclipse'd instead.
  8. Rep per manufacturer would be good, yeah. Doing manufacturer-specific contracts would help raise rep with them too. However, if you fail a manufacturer specific contract, your overall rep goes down as normal, but your reputation with the manufacturer goes down much, much more than your overall rep.
  9. I'mma throw in something I had posted in a different thread, that belongs here more than it did there. 1. A Visitor Complex To actually make the arguably useless reputation actually mean something, let's make a Visitor Complex! Much like a real world complex, KSP's complex would take Funds to run, and it would generate Funds and Rep in return. While this does sound like a new strategy for the Administration Building, the Visitor Complex would be much, much more in-depth than just some flavor text and a slider with some number values. The Visitor Complex would have a set number of V
  10. Tested my new light payload launcher. Turns out it works pretty well, can probably get a Duna flyby if I was more efficient.
  11. I'm new to OPT, just started using it a while ago, and I can say that I love the mod. However, I've got a question: Are the IVA's on cockpits/labs/etc supposed to either be unfinished or nonexistent? Just very curious, and wondering if one of my other mods conflicts with it.
  12. Oh man, these space suits are gonna look so good with everything else in ReStock.....
  13. This is definitely needed, 100%. I can't tell you the amount of times I've needed to use the XL3 for a lander....
  14. I generally think that while Career Mode doesn't need to become harder, it just needs to be revamped. A lot of things need changing desperately, and a lot of things need added too. Whether or not it makes it harder is subjective. Now, here's some thoughts of mine that I think could make Career mode more fun or harder, depending on who you are: 1. A Visitor Complex To actually make the arguably useless reputation actually mean something, let's make a Visitor Complex! Much like a real world complex, KSP's complex would take Funds to run, and it would generate Funds and Rep in return. W
  15. I would love, LOVE, a Visitor Complex of sorts, that you can upgrade with Funds and Science. Having the building(s) be in use would cost Funds, but you'd get profit out of it. Depending on how "active" your agency is (number of launches per week, etc) and how much positive rep you've got, you'd get more visitors, and more visitors means more tickets sold and more sales from the gift shop! Also, even though this isn't a building, I wouldn't mind seeing some activity around KSC, perhaps some astronauts running around the Tracking Station, small vehicles driving around, the grounds crew mowing th
  16. Someone else has probably already said this, but I'd love new music. Music that is... "adaptive", and by that I mean different tracks that play during different scenarios. For example, stressed and urgent-sounding for things such as re-entry or ascent , and happy/triumphant sounding ones for landings on other planet or back on Kerbin after spending a long time in space.
  17. Looking at the stock parts in-game compared to the Wiki's old articles about pre 1.7 versions, it seems like the Twitch got a slight boost to atmospheric thrust. The Spider received no changes in thrust, neither did the Ant. Rather, the Ant received a tiny downgrade in atmospheric thrust. Every engine that was re balanced got a reduction in price, or at least that's what it looks like from a quick glance. Also, some parts (the RV-105 in particular) got a weight reduction.
  18. Personally, I'd say that making RTGs have half-lives should really, really only be in mods such as RSS or other mods that add in new planets or add a new system. It doesn't really have a point being in stock KSP, even as a difficulty option because the system just isn't big enough to even warrant them decaying. While you could use these to power landers/stations that are in the far reaches of space, that is a solution for more panels, batteries or using fuel cells. And by the time the RTGs decay to the point of them becoming unusable, that lander/station would probably be "decommissioned" or u
  19. Well, deleting that extra GameData folder got rid of the antennae problem, thanks!
  20. I saw the extra GameData folder and I wondered about it, but decided not to touch it earlier. It has restock and restock plus in it along with Module Manager.4.0.2.dll for some reason, so I assume I could just delete that extra folder , right?
  21. Sorry for being so slow, but here it is, I think. Output Log
  22. Will do, as soon as I find out how to get to them. Which, also, I hope you don't mind me being nooby, where might one find it?
  23. This mod, as well as Plus, are great! They work well with other mods, like Planetary Base Systems, and the various Near Future mods. However, I think I've spotted a few bugs with the combination of the latest Restock/Restock Plus. 1.Certain antennae such as the DTS-M1, the Communotron 18, and the Communotron 88 all seem to extend in the VAB, without any of my input. Upon inspection, it appears that the model itself is set to the "extended" version, while the hitbox isn't. I'm not sure what could be causing this, but it's very annoying. 2. The AE-FF2 appears to be having an identity crisis.
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