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  1. Nantares


    The year of the Goat [in chinese sexagenary cycle system]
  2. Here're my massive X-Plosion (from nukes) : HNY2020 video I've got a space center...in a nuclear fireball and this is the latest one
  3. Playing with nuclear AGAIN!! , but with a nuclear ramjet from KSPIE & BD Modular Missile Parts
  4. Chapter 5 : A long ride this mission would be boring for Sakura and Kikyou, and this is their progress... 2 - B - continue everyone
  5. X - AE A - 12 Kerman (would be Elon Kerman's son)
  6. Chapter 4 : Yeety ride this chapter is the most yeety rover driving I would drove and this is a reason why ... 2 B continue...
  7. @zolotiyeruki velocity division (not fastest but the biggest I built)
  8. Chapter 3 scanning arm's field day (here is inside MK 2 lander can) N.A.N.I Inc. needs more infomation from the Mun's surface, so we put a scanning arm on our Rock Runner rover to scan any surface anomalies.. however...the traveling has been started looks like sakura wants how they starting circumnavigation the Mun, equater or polar route? so, Kikyou tells her to roving equater route... stay tuned everyone
  9. Sakura Odyssey : The Munar Circumnavigation (it would be great if Sakura Kerman looks like this one) here is my first Elkano challenge mission on the Mun with two Kerbonauts Sakura and Kikyou Kerman from N.A.N.I Spacework (a space division of N.A.N.I Inc.) however, I never doing ground circumnavigation before and everything can go wrong in anytime, so quicksave & quickload is mandatory thing Chapter 1 Munar Elkano Program : from ground to orbit Chapter 2 landed on Mun To be Continue...
  10. can I post my entry in my own mission report thread?, or i have to post both
  11. just The Great Four(Jeb,Bill,Bob and Val) it's a Navhud mod from Linuxgurugamer (Beaucoupzero also use this mod in his video too)
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