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  1. how I can install this config file, just put it in Gamedata folder?
  2. @FreeThinker is this challenge got inspired from project Icarus? I would try this submission soon
  3. here's my entry...The Skyhome Kerbin Outpost Space Station "The Alpha Isekai" It has 2x lab modules,2x cupola modules,4x small docking ports(inflatable airlock)and 5x standard docking ports. maximum crew capacity:34(docked ship not counted) this is what its originally look like(it won't be approved for this entry) MOAR PICTURE HERE
  4. can I use a DLC prop engine plane?(or helicopter)
  5. I've got lagging when usini Probe Core from this mod, did anyone found this bug?
  6. can this mod built a big spacecraft? (like beadypenguin's one)
  7. I start to wearing a kimono for casual and cosplay uses, but I would like to wear a women's kimono (it's more colorful than men's) like this one
  8. I have got a warning from modulemanager when it asking for debug.cfg which it never exist here is a log from my KSPlog(from KSP 1.11) , what should I do?
  9. I just stuck in these BGMs Dark Prison from Super Robot Wars OG Gun of Dis from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3
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