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  1. I start to wearing a kimono for casual and cosplay uses, but I would like to wear a women's kimono (it's more colorful than men's) like this one
  2. I have got a warning from modulemanager when it asking for debug.cfg which it never exist here is a log from my KSPlog(from KSP 1.11) , what should I do?
  3. I just stuck in these BGMs Dark Prison from Super Robot Wars OG Gun of Dis from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3
  4. Nantares


    The year of the Goat [in chinese sexagenary cycle system]
  5. Here're my massive X-Plosion (from nukes) : HNY2020 video I've got a space center...in a nuclear fireball and this is the latest one
  6. Playing with nuclear AGAIN!! , but with a nuclear ramjet from KSPIE & BD Modular Missile Parts
  7. Chapter 5 : A long ride this mission would be boring for Sakura and Kikyou, and this is their progress... 2 - B - continue everyone
  8. X - AE A - 12 Kerman (would be Elon Kerman's son)
  9. Chapter 4 : Yeety ride this chapter is the most yeety rover driving I would drove and this is a reason why ... 2 B continue...
  10. @zolotiyeruki velocity division (not fastest but the biggest I built)
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