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  1. I trying to fly to proksimus Kirbani(Galaxies Unbound : Nova Kirbani Planets pack) with these setups and it flies like a Shinkansen in space, but I want to know when I should slowing down(from 0.01c) to get my place and not lost in space
  2. I found a 999_Scale_Redlist.dll in my latest KSPIE, what is this bundled for? (sorry, I don't use this mod plenty like I was before)
  3. I found a video about nuclear-powered planes, trains and cars... I heard about nuclear engine for spaceship(NERVA) and for planes or missiles(from Project Pluto,SLAM or from Atomic Age/KSPIE mod) but nuclear powered cars is the weirdest and craziest thing I ever know
  4. In Thailand...nope Our Government declare to close Bars,Restaurants,Shopping Malls,Theaters and all entertainment sites, but left some Minimarts and Convenience Stores for buying foods and another supplies and also highly recommend stay at home and uses Social Network(ex : Facebook, LINE, Pantip Forum, or whatever...) and online services instead going outside I'm Nantares Kerman, Live save
  5. don't worry, there's not a snake in your boot. waiter, there's a Daedalus engine in my soup...
  6. this is a song inside Jeb's head today Hurting for a very Kerbal Pain.... (sorry it's Hurting for a very Hurtful Pain)
  7. Inuyasha... and other japanese mythology-themed anime like Nurarihyon no Mago, Kamisama Hajimemaexcrementsa, Natsume Yuujinchou and Yo-kai Watch
  8. Nantares

    Happy 2020

    Happy New Year 2020...with MOAR X-PLOSION!!!
  9. I celebrating new year 2020 with nuclear missiles (as a new year fireworks)
  10. Flight 6 : Done in 80 Minutes This is my attempt to fly around Kerbin within 80 minutes for "Around the World in 80...Minutes" challenge, it's hard to fly in hypersonic speed without burning up but it's finished and nothing blown up.. and this is a mission's video log
  11. Calling 911 because flat earthers keep spaming comments in every Scott Manley's videos
  12. I come Nantares NA - 1K SZX "senbonzakura" (not Byakuya's sword ok?) this is my successfully fighter built, low parts count and hi-maneuvability and this is it's dogfight test video get this craft here