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  1. Excuse me, can I use NavHud mod(because NavBall is too small and I use this mod for airplane flight) FullAutoStrut and Kerbal Joint Re-inforcement(both I use prevent Kraken Effect)...?
  2. I watching Scott Manley's videos, then I reading comments and I found someone tells the Earth is flat, NASA is liar or even space is not exist , but I would like to know why they believe in flat Earth theory when it's wrong...
  3. it's from Nucleartaxi's Skybox @DunaManiac press here to warp
  4. Flight # 5 finding Kraken 2 : Kraken Hunter after sending probe to Bop, Now it's time to send Jeb to find it... Vessel : Kraken Hunter R(R is stand for Revamped because my first design was doesn't work) Crew : Lisnard,Leagun,Bill and Jebadiah Kerman Mission : finding Kraken and plant a flag on Bop start from launchpad(AGAIN!!) and going to Kerbin orbit and this is the "Kraken Hunter R " show itself after fairings was ejected interplanetary riding in progress... Jool arrived(AGAIN!!) but this time we use gravity asist from Laythe for getting circularized around Jool but our main dish is here, Bop...and Jeb feeling over-hyped to be the first Kerbal on Bop(and the first Kerbal who stand in front of the Kraken) but Jeb found something goes wrong when landed on the marked point... Jeb : KSC I think our scanner is broken, KSC : why do you think it's broken? Jeb : we landed here but I don't see the Kraken. KSC : well...Jeb, you flying to the next spot but if there are no Kraken on Bop you just planting flag on Bop and back to Kerbin Jeb : Ok . Jeb back to his lander and go to next spot at Bop's north pole, and he founds what he looking for(Easter Egg spoiler, click to read) after messing around Kraken, Jeb and his gang blasting-off to Jool orbit and prepare themselves for going back to Kerbin the last hours of the mission on Kerbin orbit and setting maneuver(I really hate this word because it hard to spell) to re-entry splashed down near KSC CONGRATULATION JEB, MISSION COMPLETE!!!
  5. Flight #4 Finding Kraken I heard about the Space Kraken on Bop, so I sending a probe find them...(before I send Jeb or other Kerbals) it would take a minuite to get in orbit, but no Unwanted disassembly issue found. prepare for plotting transfer lane to Jool, but burn time is long and made me sleepy. Jool system arrived, plotting lane to Bop but Laythe getting in my way(not this time laythe, not this time) Bop arrived, start scanning from polar orbit I use SCANsat mod to finding anomalies,but it need a time to do its job, so... 2-B-Continue.....
  6. after a lot of time I used on KSP for trying to build airplanes, fly them and landing them safely(but I crashed them a lot) till now, I can fly an airplane better and I trying to building a warplanes(MiG-alike design) and here is my result...(and this is my first craft on KerbalX) NANTARES NA-45 "Snow Griffon" I spending times to design and tuning it to fly properly till it look like a mash-up of MiG-29 and F-22, both have not canards (rear elevons and X-wing alike tails )but I add them for more maneuverability Jebby would like this, look at his face.. Size Height 4.0m Width: 12.4m Length: 15.2m Action Groups 1. Toggle After-Burner 2. deploy canards and rear elevons JUMP TO THE KERBAL-X
  7. welcome back, I following your thread about 3 mounths ago and I like how you building and driving your cars in KSP
  8. Here's my supersonic reconnaisance airplane project (who can give this boy a better name?) needs more tunings for better control and this is its' maximum speed (I have to stop at 88% critical heat to prevent overheating)
  9. Flight # 3. Reuseable(?) Rocket to orbit... I would like to make a Space X-alike Boosters for sending a spaceship to orbit, so I build and test them Codename : Space-Z Booster (with Leia cmmand pod from Rock Factory Mod) It fly like a boss ....and take a ship to our space station(for the future Mun&Minmus missions) comeback to our booster again... it's time to land it on Kerbin it should be happy landing if I don't try to landing manualy('s my fault to don't use MechJeb for landing), so it's crashed and I forget to grab a picture while it crash(and I forgot quicksaving too) this is the last pic for this boy... ok, I will try it AGAIN!!! (with Shadowzone's voice) 2-B-continue...
  10. if KSP 2 have (stable)Linux support and have a better gameplay, I would play them alongside KSP 1 (or even migrate to KSP 2)
  11. Flight # 2 Mochi to the Mun...(come late but better than never) I just found an uncanny modded part pack that uses a Japanese new year decorations for a spacecraft part, so I trying to assembly them and send to Mun 1. put them in my Space-Y Launch Vehicle 2. ...and blast-off!! 3. the "MochiSat" after ejected its fairings... 4. to Mun orbit... 5. and the most worrysome time : landing ...and I finally did it (if don't mind about accidents in flight log) you can find this mod here and try at your risk... 2-B-continue....
  12. Here is my little Spacedock... codename "Workshop-1" I would like to build a BIG-S mothership but launching its components to orbit and assembly them is hurtful hard, so I would deal with them by Extraplanetary Launchpad start expanding itself by building its rocketparts cargo... well...looks better its flight logs つづく  (read as "tsu-dzu-ku" it means "To Be Continue" in Japanese and I would finding how to Designing an Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture ASAP...)
  13. This is my mission report thread (and this is my first topic in this forum too) , it's about my space adventures , an invention and tortures(or even kills)Kerbals, I hope you are going to enjoy with my stuff in this topic (sorry about my English, that's not my first language)
  14. I playing KSP on Linux (Manjaro Linux) and I hoping to play KSP2 on Linux too
  15. I rather waiting for an actual gameplay video...