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  1. Hi everyone, I am using the inflatable heat shield that has a "HS Jettison Staged" option, and I was wondering if there is a possibility for the "Inflate HS" to be included in the staging sequence as well. I tried adding "stagingEnabled = True" in the ModuleAnimateGeneric of the HeatShield.cfg file, but it doesn't work. Is there a way of doing that ? Thank you.
  2. Will do. In the mean time I removed Rescale (was using 2.0x) which fixed the issue. I will try and solve that later, but for now, I have an atmosphere and an ocean on Minmus II !
  3. Hi everyone, I just started messing around with Kopernicus to create a clone of Minmus. I duplicated files from the Kopernicus folder, placed Minmus II in orbit around Kerbin, then landed. But I noticed a visual inconsistency: the mountains seem exceedingly steep in the map view, and the map shows the ship below ground. Finally the newly added ocean is not visible in map view. Being new to Kopernicus and modding (but not to softare development), I cannot tell what went wrong. Can anyone guide me on the way to solving this ? Thanks in advance ! The video is h
  4. Is there a way to rescale the planets in RSS ? I've been trying to install Stock-Size RSS but to no avail, does anyone know of a workaround ? Thanks.
  5. Is Recall a dependancy of TweakScale ? I have been using TweakScale for a long time in KSP <= 1.8 and recently switched to 1.9, when I started getting the warning on startup. Recall does not show up in my GameData folder, nor does it in CKAN. Can I safely ignore the warning ? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I recently installed RSS and I face a "visual incomfort" in map view. As soon as I zoom out enough to see the whole planet, the orbit is displayed in full, overlayed on the image of the planet. So I cannot tell which part of the orbit is in space or in the atmosphere, vs. which is inside the planet. https://imgur.com/gallery/mEOsagK Top image: zoom slightly below limit, we see where the orbit intersects the planet; bottom image, zoom out a little, we see the whole orbit. That phenomenon happens at a given zoom level, so my question is: Is there a way to increase tha
  7. Hi all, So I realized that apparently in KSP 1.8.1 you cannot select things inside a payoad bay if the view is outside that payload bay, even if the gates are open. On the left image, the point of view is outside the bay, it is as if the bay was closed. On the right image, we're inside the bay, so no matter if it is open or closed, the content is clickable. Is there a way to change this ? I don't recall seeing this on other versions, I'm used to editing payloads from outside the ship. Thanks !
  8. Hi all, Great mod, however I face a lag issue whenever I am about to land on the carrier. Is there a reason for that ? Is there a low-poly version of the ship that could solve that problem ? Which settings can I change to have the game run smoothly ? I have an Nvidia Geforce 920M, and I run KSP 1.8.1 on Windows 10, if that information helps. Thanks ! The mods I currently use: AircraftCarrier Astrogator B9 Aerospace procedural wings BDArmory BetterTimeWarp Hangar Extender Jenzaya Water Tanks Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Konstructs HyperEdit KFC Ko
  9. I understand that this mod is available for KSP 1.8; is it going to be made available to 1.9 as well ? If so, what would be the best way of being notified ? Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, I am using KSRSS and am facing a problem with the distances: stock antennae allow transmission to Eeloo (in stock KSP), but Saturn is a bit further away than that, and Neptune is waaaay out of range. How would you setup a probe relay network to explore Neptune or Pluto ? I was thinking about a probe ring around Jupiter and a second one before Uranus, but that would require a massive amount of spacecraft. Is there a better way to do that ? Maybe it is only possible with antennas other that the stock ones ? Thanks.
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