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  1. Same kind of problem here. Deployed stuff on Minmus, surrounded Minmus with relays, but every ten minutes it gives me a message that there is no connection. The problem I have is not the connection that might or might not work. The problem is the spamming with the messages. If I do something else, like fly to Duna or catch some innocent asteroid, the spamming doesn't stop. Time warping for a bit easily gives me around 200 messages. Needs a change so that those "no connection" messages don't spam the message thingie. Lots of important messages have been lost due to clicking away some hundered notifications about having no connection. EDIT: The message spamming stopped once I exchanged the solar panels for RTGs.
  2. The first thing I did was to do science. In this game, you gotta make the science first. Then when you get the science, you get the parts. Then when you get the parts, then you get to space.
  3. Delta wee, as HebaruSan wrote, build the ramp as part of the plane. For Example connect a decoupler to the plane, right click the decoupler and set ejection force to zero. Then press 2 (Offset tool) click the decoupler, hold shift key and move the decoupler where you want to build the ramp. It might be difficult to get enough distance between the plane and the ramp in the SPH, but I think there are mods to allow you to build outside (EDIT: such a mod is mentioned here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182945-vab-size/). Using a ramp to launch a plane has never occured to me, but it sounds exquisitly kerbal. Thank you for the idea.
  4. bewing is right, you need to launch two vessels to get the docking thing done. Suggestion: One ship with a lander and enough fuel to get the stranded kerbal and then get to a rendevous on an equatorial münar orbit, and another ship with three seats (one for it's pilot, one for the lander's pilot, one for the kerbal that wanted to find out what Pink Floyd was singing about) and the gear to land back home on the bright blue pixel. And do not forget to transfer the science to the return ship.
  5. Ejection seat! You NEED to build an ejection seat with sepratrons. And if you're not using an external command seat, put some parachutes on the cockpit. Oh, and it might help to turn the gimbal off on the rockets that make the car go swooosh!
  6. You can put "control from here" to an action group. Comes in handy when building VTOLs.
  7. I found it best to go close to Eve only to get into orbit around the purple one, but to keep the apoeve close to the edge of Eve's SOI. Then go to apoeve and raise the perieve slightly above Gilly's orbit. From there, get your orbit on the same plane as Gilly's orbit and get the apoeve closer (but still outside of Gilly's orbit). That way your velocity will be closer to Gilly's speed and you won't have to spend that much fuel to slow down in time in Gilly's SOI.