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  1. Looking at the Spectra thread also, it's safe to delete the Kopernicus folder and still have Spectra run, you just won't have the snazy terrain and map terrain textures. That's what I'm doing until the next update. In related news, keep the awesome work with this mod. Don't worry about rushing and take as much time as you need.
  2. From what I understand there's always been the issue with Kopernicus where solar panels won't work if it isn't a compatible version. Best bet is to wait until Kopernicus is updated for 1.7.1 or just play on an older build of KSP until the update.
  3. Just wanting to double check with people who have Breaking Ground, has the new surface features broken the ground textures or is Spectra still 100%, looking to redownload after installing the new DLC.
  4. I am so hyped! Hoping for a new job this weekend to pay bills and then after that is done DLC here I come!
  5. This would be what changes Spectra implemented. I assume you could edit the config within Spectra to make the KSPRC textures like what you'd experience in AVP/KSPRC, but I have no experience with configs myself.
  6. I think I remember what it is. AVP is using the KSPRC default textures for planets, and, if I understand the OP post, Spectra uses a custom config for the KSPRC textures, not too sure but that could be the difference you are seeing when comparing AVP and Spectra with KSPRC textures. So the textures for KSPRC within Spectra will match the trailer video, but look different from when using KSPRC with AVP.
  7. From what I understand it could be that AVP install has you keep everything except the city lights and atmosphere folder within the KSPRC install for AVP. Spectra just uses the Terrain folder from what a preliminary look tells me. I actually like KSPRC with Spectra, and I even find when I try KSPRC with AVP I get another celestial body from KSPRC installed the way they say.
  8. Thanks for the info, I tried it before but i guess I sidn't delete any pre-existing KSP files from the Steam folder with the fresh install (hence old parts) definitely fixed the issue!
  9. @Avera9eJoe Could the atmosphere config in Spectra have caused a massive shadow over the ocean to make it look black? I'm not a modder so I'm not too sure, but it could be a start.
  10. Yeah, it seemed to mess with all of Spectra. The clouds looked entirely different. Gonna post the log so someone can look through to see what could be doing it. Log
  11. My apologies. The textures seem to clip into one another at the ends of the fuel tanks for certain tanks. I've been in Career only so far so the only one I am currently seeing is the FL-T400 with it.
  12. Running into this texture thing when loading a vehicle in the VAB or reverting flight after reinstalling the Squad folder and after deleting the Module Manager Cache. I also am seeing fuel tanks being duplicated in my tech tree. Any help? Log
  13. Oh I can't wait to see episode 1, keep up the great work!
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