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  1. Bradley Whistance got to orbit with JUST ion engines. Wasn't an SSTO though.
  2. Also if you cheat gravity and return it to 1, it won't return to normal gravity.
  3. you can deorbit a kerbal if you get your apoapsis extremely close to the atmosphere. Otherwise I might ty this.
  4. The KSP is developing a new extremely lightweight SSTO design. They need your help to create one! (I know this is probably a common challenge but it would be nice to revive it) Rules: 1. The SSTO can take off from the runway or the launchpad, but not from anywhere else (this will be noted in your entry) 2. The SSTO can be manned or unmanned (there will be two leaderboards for this) 3. The score is solely based on mass (the size of the craft doesn't matter) 4. No Kraken drives, use of eva packs (this counts as a second stage) or other cheaty methods 5. The apoapsis and periapsis of the orbit must be above the Karman line 6. The SSTO doesn't have to be able to deorbit and land itself 7. If it wasn't already extremely obvious, it is a Kerbin SSTO 8. As evidence, you must have a video or screenshots of key events in the mission with fuel gauges left visible (leave the UI on) 9. If there's anything you think I should add to the rules tell me (criticism and feedback will be greatly appreciated) Smallest Manned SSTO Smallest Unmanned SSTO 1. TheFlyingKerman (3.687t) 1. TheFlyingKerman (0.985t) 2. Vyznev (3.984t) 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. I will start to design a craft of my own soon!
  5. I feel like pc players don't need updates that have clouds or visual enhancers because of the plethora of mods out there. Even updates that add a more realistic drag model, make the game more realistic in other ways (real parts, real solar system, life support, etc.) or have quality of life features are available for pc players in the form of mods. Updates on pc should be focused on two things (more or less in order): 1. Bug fixes - the game has a ridiculous amount of bugs. It would be way more enjoyable if they were gone 2. More parts - this one isn't as important since you can download mods that give you more parts to choose from but it would make the game that bit more fun to play with because of variety and push add new limits to stock crafts. The people that would truly benefit from these realism or quality of life updates are console players. As one, I know that the game would be a lot more fun if we had a delta-v calc or a precise maneuver node. Even visual enhancers or clouds would be greatly appreciated on console. Honestly, if squad wants to add things on console that aren't available on pc it should be things that EVE, FAREM (FAROM?), or restock adds to pc. TL;DR: PC updates should focus on bugs; console is the platform that needs the quality of life and visual updates.
  6. Height: 0.7m Width: 1.3m Length: 1.3m Score: 3.3 I reduced the overall width of the craft by only using only one wing piece (which surprisingly allows for level flight at around 60m/s). Used a similar principal to @Rocket In My Pocket with the structural piece being used as landing gear due to its crazy high crash tolerance. It reaches maximum speed at about 250m/s and is actually not too hard to fly. I thought using a dumpling fuel tank instead of an oscar b would reduce the length of the craft but it's about the same. I tried to avoid clipping any further than I did.
  7. I think so but it would require extreme precision
  8. Same. His tutorials are very helpful for a lot of things.
  9. I heard that they're drag inducing unless the intakes are closed
  10. the air intakes would create a lot of drag