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  1. If I'm correct, this is the sound that plays during staging. Where can I find it in KSP's directory?
  2. Hi @Tidal Stream, I'm getting a recurring issue with Parts/Tanks/4SRB where it takes an infinite amount of time to load. I'm running RO and a couple other mods but replaced its version of Procedural Parts with your branch. Crash logs aren't a thing because, well, it doesn't crash. It just decides not to load. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/3nJXi7M (all errors are unrelated) Please do try fixing it if you have time. Regards.
  3. When I try to use Aircraft Autopilot's "Altitude Hold" function, my aircraft pitches up and down uncontrollably. This is a huge problem as I have FAR installed. The reason I'm using it is for long-haul flights in RSS, including trans-atlantic and trans-pacific routes that take multiple hours, so it's easier to use an Autopilot system. It isn't a problem with the design itself; The aircraft flew fine with it a couple days ago. I use MechJeb For All. The problem isn't vertical speed limit, either. Any answers?
  4. Hey, first post, so please bear with me. I'm working on a stratolaunch system, and I'd prefer to be able to have a friend fly the plane back in realtime instead of using a recovery mod. The vessel would obviously be a large carrier aircraft with a smaller rocket or spaceplane, attached with a radial decoupler, with the carrier and the rocket each having their own respective control points (probe cores). Is this possible with any mod? To have two people on one vessel? I don't believe the existing multiplayer mods can do this. Or would it just be easier to dock the two together? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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