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    Need Duna worlds first contract

    I am very hard headed and determined, so it hurts to say I havent even done much orbiting ( except for launching rockets that are overkill, and eventually they statr orbiting the sun).
  2. Mikenike

    I need help

    I am new to Ksp enhanced edition on Xbox and I was wondering how can you create a decent space plane that can make it to the mun? Also how do you know how good a craft is?
  3. Mikenike

    Hermeus supersonic airliner

    Hey guys, it took many a year for the creators of the x51 Waverider to make a hypersonic little missile. Any thing that is larger will never, i repeat never be able to sustain even mach 3. Nothing short of 4 sr71 engines and an Sr71 type fuselage with a larger cross section and body could get mach 3.
  4. Mikenike

    Aliens ask you a question

    POWER IS LISTED TWICE, so you want me to say Power Power.
  5. Guys, I know that most people play on Pc but what, in your opinion, should they add on to the Enhanced Edition and what , if already there, could they fix or add on to.
  6. Mikenike

    My space station

    Add bateries and more lodging room, and a lab
  7. Mikenike

    Help me with Boats Please

    Wish it was my friend, but i am an Xbox player.
  8. I have recently come across some neat designs for BOATS and their circumnavigation challenges. Does anyone have a stock boat that has a Mk2 inline and that hold 6 Kerbals ( not including the Mk2 Cockpit space), also I need it to not need to refuel during the round trip. I prefer the use of 2 westley or three 0.625m engines. HAS TO BE BUILT IN SPH.
  9. Mikenike

    Need Duna worlds first contract

    While I am an Xbox player, I havent gotten to the Mun in my 5 months of playing Ksp. I dont play enough career to tell you.
  10. Mikenike

    I need help

    Hey, I have a new question for you guys. Would an Saturn 5 type setup with 4 Mastadons and one smaller engine work for lifting two hitchhikers and a full size lab plus batteries and solar panels. Do you guys think its over kill?
  11. Mikenike

    How did you pick your username?

    The only thing behind my user name is I am called Mike by my friends and I like Mikenike's
  12. Mikenike

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Can you send me the design, I need it to take some advice for a design of a circumnavigation challenge I want to make, and hopefully be the first contender, also, how far can it go without refueling, as that will be the major part of the challenge. I will be chatting with @michal.don and am waiting for a response from a patch designer, may be done with planning by next week. Then we will be writing the Mission and finally posting it later this month if all goes well.
  13. Mikenike

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    This isn't really a good question, but how many forum users view the challenges a week?
  14. Mikenike

    Kill kerbal

    Fractal, yes, I was testing an "ejection" sequence and I got Jebs parachute open, he impacted the ground at 20.4 m/s.
  15. Mikenike

    Help me with Boats Please

    I currently am, but wanted to see some round trip designs to help inspire me.
  16. Hey guys, I haven't posted a new question in a while as I haven't needed any help. Now I need help with getting innto a stable orbit and hopefully make it to the Mun and maybe even farther into the solar system. Anyone have any videos and/or help that I might need, I started on a small lander that may be able to make it back home from the Mun and back to the atmosphere of Kerbin. If any one has any info or tidbit of info that could help me that would be awesome. I will have a new post up for the ship designs that you guys used for these exploits.
  17. Yeah, I play on Xbox, but use KerbalX for inspiration on rockets and spaceplanes
  18. Mikenike

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today, I redesigned a F 1 that I built, and made it have RATO rockets(Puffs) to have an assisted takeoff
  19. I will be broadcasting on mixer in thirty minutes time, I will have chat active but don't have a mic, so all questions are going to be posted on a new thread tittled First Broadcast.

  20. thanks @James Kerman How do I set a target on xbox version?
  21. Mikenike

    A Brief Profile of Me...

    Het @BlindedIdiot Welcome. I understand youve been playing for a long time, one question, any out of kerbin influence advice u got for us 5 month players?
  22. Mikenike

    what's you'r favorite food

    Mine depends on my mood, I been havin' a rough time, so shrimp and steak or fish.
  23. OK, I got it, now if you guys could provide me with some how to orbit tricks that would be great!